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Man Sent to Prison for Shooting Death of his Brother

HONESDALE -- A Wayne County man was sentenced to prison Thursday for shooting and killing his brother.

Antonio Cilino stood before a judge and was sentenced to 16 to 34 years for the murder of his own brother.

Back in 2016, the Wayne County man shot his brother during a fight. He was convicted earlier this year.

Prosecutors said Antonio Cilino of Hawley shot and killed his brother Joseph Cilino outside a home off Eighmy Road in Damascus Township, near Honesdale.

According to police, Antonio Cilino saw his estranged girlfriend, their baby son, and his brother driving together in a car and began following them.

Both cars stopped, and a confrontation occurred.

Police say Antonio Cilino had a handgun which he used to shoot his brother in the chest.

The mother was able to drive away with her baby.

In court, Antonio Cilino said he lost his brother, the uncle to his two children and his best friend.

The D.A. says this was the correct sentence.

"I am satisfied with the sentence Mr. Cilino got. He richly deserved that sentence. I want to make clear to anyone who has any questions -- there is one person and one person alone responsible for this murder and that was Antonio Cilino," said Wayne County District Attorney Patrick Robinson.

Robinson says Cilino mistreated and bullied his estranged girlfriend for years.

"I feel bad for the defendant's mother," Robinson said. "She lost one son and another son is going to be in prison for decades."

Antonio Cilino said in court he'll have nightmares over this forever. For at least the next 16 years, that will happen in prison.