UPDATE: Brother Charged with Killing Brother

DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP -- Prosecutors say Antonio Cilino, 30, of Hawley shot and killed his brother Joseph Cilino, 40, of Honesdale after a confrontation outside a residence located near Eighmy Road near Honesdale.

According to police, Antonio Cilino saw his estranged girlfriend, their baby son, and his brother driving together in a car and began following them.

Both cars stopped, and a confrontation occurred.

Police say Antonio Cilino had a handgun in his possession which he used to shoot his brother in the chest. The mother was able to drive away with her baby.Antonio

Antonio Cilino later turned himself into Hawley Borough Police.

Saturday people in the quiet area filled with hayfields tried to come to terms with what happened.

James Warnott says Joseph was a close friend, who for decades would help him harvest hay.

As he attempted the task by himself, he doubled over sobbing. He said he last saw his friend shortly before the shooting.

"He helped me last night with my hay, he left and that was it," Warnott said.

Prosecutors say Antonio Cilino's girlfriend had already filed an order of protection from abuse. Warnott adds that his slain friend was concerned his brother could become violent.

"Everybody has had the information that that could happen and it happened anyway, so sometimes it is not a perfect system," Warnott said.

Warnott explained that while Joseph Cilino had a number of scrapes with the law, he was trying to turn his life around, planning on moving into a trailer near the hay farm where he has helped out since he was a student.

"Actually it was (Friday) night at midnight he was off parole, and his brother shot him before he was off parole, he had big plans," Warnott said.

Antonio Cilino is locked up on criminal charges including assault, terroristic threats, and criminal homicide.

He is due back in court September 14.


  • Donna

    These are terrible comments. A person just lost their life at the hand of a family member. Everyone should be praying for this family and now a child will not have a father to help raise him or an uncle. You can call people names – that’s easy- but the hard part would be for more people to would lend a helping hand instead of calling people names and looking for blame then perhaps we might have less problems in our communities and in our families. Nobody wants to work hard at fixing problems, that is what is wrong with our society.

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