Water Main Break Cancels Classes in Susquehanna County

NEW MILFORD, Pa. -- School is canceled Friday for one district after a water problem in Susquehanna County.

Classes are canceled in the Blue Ridge School District and Early Intervention New Milford on Friday, November 15.

School officials say it's because of a water main break.

There's no word on where that break is or when it may be fixed.

New Milford has had its share of water woes this year.

Over the summer, there was a break in the borough that caused issues.

That came just a week after a huge fire depleted the borough's water supply.

Back then, borough officials set up a water buffalo for folks to use.

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  • George Lamprinos

    Yet another water main break in New Milford. Every four months or so they have a water main break. Once again, we have a water company in break/fix mode. They’d rather line their shareholders pockets than perform periodic infrastructure upgrades. I guess paying shareholder dividends and paying the board of directors is more important than providing the service they’re contracted to do.

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