Icy Roads Turn into Sloppy and Slippery Driving Conditions in Wayne County

CANAAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Wednesday’s slop was just the cherry on top of what has been a fairly miserable three days of weather for northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

People in the Waymart and Canaan Township area said the roads were pretty much solid ice earlier in the week.  Ryan Salak said it was so bad he had to get out of his car and help others.

“We had to stop to help this woman that was stuck in a ditch, and this other woman was trying to help her, and it was 26 below with the windchill,” Salak said.

Now that temperatures have gone up, the ice turned to slush on Wednesday. Some people are worried the mess will return to ice in the cold.

“You know colder temperatures at night, it always ends up freezing over when it rains,” Raymond Eckert of Waymart said.

Plow trucks were on the roads, but it was still a slow and slick ride for drivers. Our news truck even slid on the ice in these conditions, and we weren’t the only ones.

“It's disgusting. It really is. I'm sorry, but somebody is not doing their job now is all I can say,” Paul Salak of Waymart said.

Some roads in the area were smooth sailing, but more rural secondary roads - not so much.

Lisa Bunting was on the road with her Great Dane Gumba. She saw cars sliding left and right.

“I know there are a lot of different places that you have to be careful of that you don't get stuck or you don't spin out. You have to keep everybody else safe, too,” Bunting said.

Canaan Township supervisors told us crews spent four hours on Wednesday salting the roads. They are waiting to see what Mother Nature brings overnight.

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