As Roads Remain Icy, Wayne County Residents Watching the Forecast

CANAAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's been more than 48 hours since the weekend winter storm, and many rural roads remain treacherous. Some folks in Wayne County are concerned about more sloppy weather in the forecast.

Grant Dudley spins out in his driveway near Waymart, doing the best he can to clear the snowbanks along the road, a very icy road leading to his equally icy driveway.

"We had a lot of runoff. Now it's just a giant ice patch underneath, so I'm trying to give it a path to run when it does snow," Dudley said.

Dudley and others have certainly noticed the slick conditions on these secondary roads in rural Wayne County. The weekend storm has led to school cancellations and plenty of complaints on Facebook about the road conditions.

"I hope they improve. With the sun and a little warm weather, they should be OK in a couple days," Dudley added.

On the main drag through downtown Waymart, things are starting to melt a little bit. By Wednesday, things could change, and that could mean quite a mess for some time to come for everyone here in northeastern Pennsylvania.

"It's like this here, most places it's solid ice that you're standing on," said South Canaan Township Supervisor Walt Howell.

Howell and the road crews with South Canaan Township have been on the go since the weekend and now with more icy weather on the way, Howell and others are prepared to keep ahead of Mother Nature somehow.

"We'll probably have to go out tomorrow before the storm again. They're calling for rain again tomorrow."

PennDOT crews and others have been spreading anti-skid including cinders because officials say when it's this cold, salt doesn't do the trick.

The slippery roads didn't stop some from taking in the beautiful winter scenes around here.

"Such a wonderful day, I decided to take a walk in God's creation," said Fr. Alexis Trader from St. Tikhon's Monastery.  "You have to watch your step. You always have to watch your step, just a little more now."

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