‘Three firearms were taken’- Fugitive Accused of Presidential Threats Now Armed

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The search continues for a man accused of making online threats against President Donald Trump.

The search for Shawn Christy of McAdoo has been going on for more than a month now. It started in Schuylkill County, extended to Canada, led back to Lackawanna County, and now to Drums in Luzerne County.

U.S. Marshals say that this is where Christy broke into a family member's house Wednesday and stole three guns.

Christy, 26, from McAdoo, has been on the run since June. He's wanted by U.S. Marshals for allegedly threatening President Donald Trump and other government officials.

"We have over 30-plus investigators out here. That includes members or Special Agents to the FBI, members of the U.S. Marshals Service, Pennsylvania State Police, and local law enforcement as well," said Deputy Robert Clark, U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force.

The latest update comes from Butler Township in Luzerne County. Federal agents say Christy broke into the home of a family member on Klinger Road in Drums. Christy is considered armed and dangerous.

"We believe he may have exited the residence when a family member came home. I can tell you that three firearms were taken. That includes a 9-mm handgun, a .380 handgun, and a .22-caliber handgun, In addition, there was extra ammunition taken as well," said Deputy Clark.

Overnight, Christy's father Craig posted on Facebook saying, "Shawn Christy, our son, please surrender yourself. Come home, the door is open. Stealing your uncle's guns has elevated this situation to a place it should not have gone… Mom and I love you. come home."

Newswatch 16 spoke to residents of Butler Township who tell us that they're a little uneasy knowing Shawn Christy is armed and dangerous. But for workers who are putting in hours in the area, life goes on with no fear.

"Am I worried? No, not really. My family, we are very avid shooters. We use guns a lot. We have a lot," said Gunner Jankouskas.

U.S. Marshals also tell us they found beard trimmings in the house Christy broke into, so he may be clean-shaven now.

Christy made those alleged online threats toward President Trump and now the president is slated to come to Mohegan Sun Arena near Wilkes-Barre one week from now to campaign for Lou Barletta.

The marshals add they're aware of that, but their main concern is finding Christy as soon as possible.


    • Chris Thorne

      Actually they should all be out hunting down trump for treason and collusion. I’d buy a ticket to see his public execution.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Actually, if you commie losers keep pushing for violence in the streets, American patriots will get to see plenty of executions for free. A few years worth, I figure.

  • navybluesweatpants

    Wonder if any of those frackville firefightersfound this guys pants or bvds? If he’s hiding out in the vo-tech woods, the roamers are going to get to him, erotically, way before he can get to trump.

    • rjelq

      They are busy with flooding . frackville and Ashland elite dive teams made many rescues. They found a float ing case of natty light half full by the elks.

  • lickerblisters

    Isn’t it amazing how the Libs want tighter restrictions on firearms and background checks but at the same time break into someone’s house to steal them?! Can’t make this stuff up folks! AMAZING!!!

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