Mayor: Governor’s Office to Investigate Wyoming Borough’s Finances

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WYOMING, Pa. -- The mayor of Wyoming borough announced the governor's office will take a look at the borough's financial records.

The announcement follows a Newswatch 16 investigation that revealed someone in the borough administration took $130,000 out of a fund to support its sewer system and put the money into its general fund.

It was a move the borough's solicitor said was against its own rules. The borough charter states "all sanitary sewage collection and treatment charges shall be used solely for the sewer system's operation, maintenance and, and debt service requirements."

Gail Frew has lived in Wyoming borough for more than 40 years, and she says this is the first time that people here have been close to open revolt.

"The due diligence is lacking. The transparency is lacking in this group. It's a secret," Frew said.

Council members said there was a reason to shift money.

"There's not enough money through the whole year. It doesn't matter if it's this year, last year, next year, the year down the line. That's the way it's always been done," said council member Frank Yurek

"I understand what you're saying that we've always done it this way, but that doesn't make it right," Frew said to the council at a meeting Monday evening.

The disconnect between the majority of council members and those who attend the meetings is growing.

"It ain't gonna get any better. It's going to get worse, and the menu's going to change," said Bobby Borzell of Wyoming.

"You've got someone who is under investigation. They could put the borough manager under administrative leave," added Frew.

Council members confirmed borough manager Tamra Smith transferred the money. Smith has not attended a borough council meeting since her accounting office was raided in January by state police who seized computers and financial records.

Wyoming Mayor Joe Dominick and council member Bob Baloga say borough manager Tamra Smith is responsible and should be fired or suspended.

In addition to the apparent illegal money transfer, the borough also bounced two checks, raising more concerns about its financial stability.

All of this comes three months after state police agents raided Smith's accounting office, seizing computers and financial records.

According to search warrants, police were looking for evidence of theft, forgery, and tampering with records of the public library and volunteer fire department.

Despite the transfer of money, council voted down plans to suspend or fire Smith.

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