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Shamokin Standoff Suspect Now Charged with Woman’s Homicide

SHAMOKIN, Pa. -- A man facing charges following a standoff with police is now charged in the shooting death of a woman in Northumberland County.

Police in Shamokin have charged Jose Colon with criminal homicide.

Investigators say Colon shot Kasandra Ortiz in the head with a shotgun late last month. Her body was found near a dumpster on North Rock Street.

Colon is also facing charges for an hours-long standoff with police, including 11 counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, 11 counts of assault of a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault, and making terroristic threats.


    • J (@ds18301)

      Look at this site — it is full of reports of absolutely horrendous and horrible crimes by white people. Their ethnicity never seems to come into play in your comments on them. You *finally* find a brown man (who by the way, if guilty, is indeed trash — no question) and your racist rants come pouring out. Moreover you are ignorant/uninformed– if you bothered to read the Dreamer rule, he is much too old… There is human trash of all colors — how about this crazy idea: let’s judge people by their character and actions? — oh that would be too Judaeo/Christian I suppose.

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