Big Rig Restrictions in Monroe County

POCONO TOWNSHIP -- A commercial vehicle travel ban that was put into place Wednesday morning meant many tractor-trailer drivers had to park their big rigs during the storm.

In Monroe County, state police were out in full force making sure those big rigs stayed off the interstates.

More than two dozen tractor-trailers filled a gas station in Gouldsboro. Drivers behind the wheels had to park it or risk getting pulled over after PennDOT put a commercial vehicle travel ban on several roadways during the winter storm.

"I've done this for many, many years, and I've never had to be shut down and to me, the conditions aren't that bad," said Kevin Gowens of Texas.

The ban comes after last week's nor'easter left tractor-trailers and other vehicles stranded on roads throughout Monroe County.

"A lot of us were out here last weekend and that was pretty tough. We understand. We don't make any money when we are not running around, but it's safer. We can always live to drive another day," said Chris Bernier of Rochester, New York.

"It's only for everyone's safety. We jack. We hydroplane. We are driving on 18 wheels, not four," said Cheesy Rider from Bronx, New York.

Once the travel ban went into effect, many truck drivers parked it for safety, but also because they knew law enforcement were going to be out in full force.

On Interstate 380 in the Poconos, two big rigs were pulled over at the same time.

"Yeah, they told me three guys got pulled over and I don't need no ticket," Rider added.