Sudsy Foam Returns to Creek in Luzerne County

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BLACK CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Foam is back on a creek in Luzerne County.

The Department of Environmental Protection is again looking into what caused it.

Just last month foam in the creek near Hazleton was traced back to a storm sewer outfall at Henkle Inc.

It's still unclear what caused this latest foam in Black Creek Township but neighbors are frustrated about it.

"Now it's ridiculous again. Sometimes it's like blowing up over on the windshields of the cars and everything. It's a mess, really it is," said William Hinkle.

Foam is piled up on the side of Black Creek just outside Hinkle's home in the Hazleton area.

William Hinkle has no relationship with Henkle Inc., the company the DEP says was responsible for last month's foam incident after a storm sewer outfall.

Now the DEP is looking into what caused this latest sudsy problem. Township supervisors just want answers.

"It's very disappointing because we thought this was resolved in January and I went out with one of our workers and saw the foam was back, the suds are back," said township supervisor Dr. Saura Rohrbach.

DEP officials said they are looking to see if the source of this foam is the same as it was in January or if this is something leftover from the last spill making its way downstream.

We reached out to Henkle Inc. for a comment but they did not return our call.


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