Drawing a New Congressional Map

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LEWISBURG -- People aren't just puzzled by the way congressional districts are mapped out in Pennsylvania right now, but they're also puzzled by a new plan to re-draw those lines.

"This is not about Republicans or Democrats, it is about Pennsylvanians, and we need to support maps and districts that represent all of us," said Nicole Faraguna of Fair Districts PA to a group of voters on Market Street in Lewisburg.

Voters rallied in downtown Lewisburg to take a stand against a newly proposed map from Republican leadership in Harrisburg. Dozens held signs and called for the end of gerrymandering--the process of drawing districts to favor one party over another.

Newswatch 16 spoke with Jordi Comas last month when the court told lawmakers to redraw the map. He's one of the people who sued for districts that are more fair.

"The old map was an 'F.' I've been a teacher. This is a 'D.' You can do better. I think that this map is a political tactic to get the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to draw a different map," said Comas.

Up until now, Democrat Judy Herschel has been campaigning in the 10th Congressional District. But in the newly proposed map, those lines have moved, and she would live outside the district.

"The proposed map looks gerrymandered to protect Republican incumbents and remove several Democratic candidates from the district that have been running in it including myself," Herschel told Newswatch 16.

The new districts are getting mixed reviews in Lewisburg, and the process by which they were drawn is also under scrutiny.

"I think it's a major improvement in our area in the center of the state and in most of the state I think it's a big improvement," said Drew Bingaman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.

While some think the new map is a move in the right direction, others don't like how Republican leaders were the only ones involved in the process. That map still needs the governor's approval.

"One of the main concerns is that it was drawn behind closed doors, so you didnt have the minority leadership at all involved in the process," adds Faraguna.

Governor Wolf has until Thursday to approve the proposed map. If he does not, then the State Supreme Court will oversee the drawing of a new congressional district map.


  • Shiek Yerboutti

    Why are the Democrats always rallying about something? Don’t they have jobs like the rest of the working folks? Must be all that free money they’re getting from their masters.

  • Roy long

    So let’s use 8 year old data to draw a new map that is going to have to be redrawn in 2 years. This is a clear overreach by the PA Supreme Court. Activist judges are what hold this country back. “Gerrymandering” is what it’s called when your party doesn’t have power come Census time and you don’t get to draw the maps. Dems know they don’t actually have a chance to win the State House so they have to use judges to get their way. sickening!

  • Archie Beal

    Absolutely vote democrat …they care about us people and have our best interests in mind…come November reelect governor wolf…he is a great man and has done great things for this commonwealth…we need a democrat to retake the presidential office in order to get the country moving back in the right direction….vote democrat it will happen…stay positive fellow Dems!

  • Facts

    Democrats hold a slight edge in registered voters in the State. Gerrymandering allowed Repubs to wander around Democrat pockets, split them and secure their Repub “majority” even though they don’t have a majority! In 2012 they were able to win 13 of 18 congressional seats with 49% of the votes cast. I’m a registered Repub but not an (R) Regardless and will admit gerrymandering isn’t a good thing!

  • 🤔

    Wolf won’t like it cuz it doesn’t favor the Democrats. I can’t wait for the next election for governor. I certain am NOT voting for that fool Tom Wolf!!

    • William vercetti

      YEAH! I’m only gonna vote for a governor that supports solely us republicans. All liberals can just burn up and rot if you ask me. Take the liberals along with their minorities and immigrants and have a bonfire!

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