Father Sent to Prison for Child Endangerment

SCRANTON -- One of two people accused of neglecting their baby in Lackawanna County is headed to prison.

Gerard Nealon of Scranton was sentenced Thursday to nine months to two years behind bars.

He pleaded guilty last year to child endangerment.

Authorities say Nealon and the child's mother failed to get medical care soon enough for their son who was suffering from severe malnutrition, liver and kidney damage.


  • Joe C

    I believe this guys father is the infamous heroin addict turnded doctor WEST SIDER. If so i cant see him neglecting his kids he is a sweetheart of a man and she is WITCH I to lived buy them and she was an agry controlling woman who mentally and physically abused him so usually these types of guys dont have enough guts to run to police.

    • Holden Mybag

      So…since he had a bad wife he didn’t see what was happening to the child? Ridiculous. He’s an adult. He is responsible.

  • Carl

    These people lived next to us over the summer- I’m betting this guy is happy to be away from that woman- holy crap she was a witch- screamed at him incessantly- I’m hoping she gets more time that him- she was straight bad news

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