Firefighters Disapprove of Plans to Close Hose Company

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PLYMOUTH -- A fire company that's been around for more than 125 years is being forced to close at the start of the new year.

Borough council members in Plymouth decided to cut funding from the fire company and instead, invest more money to hire police officers.

Firefighters say they're devastated by the borough's decision because they thought council members could find a way to save Good Will Hose Company No. 2.

The fire company is set to close at start of new year

Good Will Hose Company No. 2 has been a staple in Plymouth for more than 125 years, but come January 1, it will be no more. Firefighters worry its closing could put lives at risk.

“You're going to have a volunteer coming from their house. They're going to have to clean snow off their car. Roads are going to be messy. Response times are going to be very, very slow," said Scott Martin, Luzerne County Professional Firefighters Union.

Borough council members voted to shut down the hose company and increase spending to hire more police officers.

Fire Chief Josh Evans defended the company by saying this to elected officials: “We pay for the equipment. We pay for the training and all the equipment on the fire trucks. We just invested $30,000 last year to put all LED lighting on the trucks. We did that, not the borough," Chief Evans said.

Members of the firefighters union say one paid full-time firefighter and 10 other part-timers at Good Will Hose Company were laid off because of this decision. Now, union members say more volunteers need to step up to replace them.

“Fire doubles in size just about almost every minute. When it comes down to it, time counts. Time matters," Martin said.

Good Will Hose Company No. 2 is one of three fire companies in Plymouth. The other two will stay open.


  • Siren droolers

    I agree with lower post. Why the $30,000 LED lights? Do they make you all fell like tough guys? Want to be like the cops or something? Should have stuck with your standard lights that can already be seen from the space station.

  • J

    30K for LEDs?!? Imagine what you could’ve used that money….like a true reinvestment back into the hose company (.e.g. offsetting the cost from a town council that is strapped for cash). LEDs don’t pay the bills or keep the doors open. I don’t blame townships for closing hose companies (regardless of history), I blame the mis-management of their tight budgets and lavish spending on pet projects.

  • John

    Take an example from Bloomsburg and consolidate the companies. Who cares if it has been around for 125 years. History does not pay the bills.

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