Accused Trooper Shooter in Court

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EASTON -- The man accused of shooting at two state troopers during a traffic stop earlier this month was in court Tuesday.

Daniel Clary, 22, of Effort, was in Northampton County Court to face a judge following a highway shootout that sent state police Cpl. Seth Kelly to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

In addition to attempted homicide of a law enforcement official, Clary faces two new charges -- driving while intoxicated and a second count of disarming a law enforcement officer.

Authorities say Clary was under the influence of marijuana when he was pulled over on Route 33 near Nazareth earlier this month.

"We want to get to trial right away and get here and get this thing started so I can get this guy locked up for the rest of his life," said Northampton County First Deputy District Attorney Terry Houck.

Toxicology tests show Clary was under the influence of marijuana when he was pulled over.

Trooper Ryan Seiple made the traffic stop and took the stand to testify.

Trooper Seiple says after Clary was given a speeding citation, he was free to go, but when Clary flagged Trooper Seiple down to ask more questions about the citation, it was discovered Clary may be under the influence, and Seiple called in Cpl. Kelly for backup.

Seiple says after Clary failed field sobriety tests, he became aggressive, resisted arrest, and began physically fighting with troopers on the side of the road.

The trooper says Clary did not obey commands and that he attempted to grab both troopers' guns from their holsters.

Trooper Seiple said, "I remember being in fear for my life. I thought in my head if he got my gun, he would kill me."

Eventually, Clary was able to free himself from the trooper's restraint and grabbed his gun and fired it at troopers.

Both troopers were able to shoot back, but Clary managed to get to his car and drive to a hospital.

Cpl. Kelly was shot in the leg and chest and is still recovering.

All charges were bound over for court.

"I'm prepared for trial. I am totally prepared for trial. He isn't getting any deals. He got his break when Cpl. Kelly survived. That is the only break he is getting," Houck said.

Clary is scheduled to be back in Northampton County court for a formal arraignment in February.


  • warningfakenews

    There’s no body cam video, and there may be dash cam video which will not see the light of day if it doesn’t support the troopers’ story. How can they exclude it from review? Get a plea bargain. Case closed, video purged.

  • warningfakenews

    By March of 2018, PA State Police are going to begin using body cams. Just so you know, there are about 4,300 state cops here in PA and a whopping THIRTY of them will get the cameras. The footage will not be public unless it used in court as evidence. That means, with almost all of the cases plea bargained- almost NONE of it will see the light of day anyhow.

    Is this transparency? And the State Police want to be the only agency investigating the use of deadly force by one of its own? They’re making it hard to believe they have nothing to hide.

    • Bonnie

      Just shut up and find something to do with your pathetic life like get a job. I’m sick of paying for pukes like you to sit on your free Obama phone and spew all day.

      • Andre

        The world is much worse for having conservative clumps of crap in it like you. I’m a Democrat and I work 60 hours a week, I’m educated, and I own a house and car. So shhhhhhh. Just because someone has a sense of equality or fair treatment doesn’t mean they’re jobless and feeding off the government.

      • Barney fife

        Your words tell me that you have a problem with authority figures and spend an awful lot of time trying to convince people to think like you.

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