Former Fire Company Treasurer Sentenced for Theft

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EXETER -- A treasurer who stole thousands from a fire company in Luzerne County must serve three months house arrest.

Stephanie McNeil pleaded guilty to taking about $67,000 from Exeter Hose Company.

She was treasurer from 2008 to 2014.

McNeil also admitted to stealing from a Gerrity's supermarket in Luzerne County.


  • Deb Payson

    Steal from a fire company, a supermarket, a church, a childrens organization and you get a slap on the wrist; as long as you are from here, white, and it is similar to one of the mentioned places. Oh, and do not bother with obtaining and paying for permits,or inspections, throw in some insurance fraud and perhaps a pinch of overtime abuse. Those are all socially acceptable things in da valley. But as this is ignored make sure you scream and and loud about WHY other crimes and criminals move on in.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    She should be made to sell her home, car, take out a loan or whatever needs to be done and pay back the full amount a.s.a.p.


    They should give here this sentence and people will wise up with stealing off kids and doing drugs: Banished to the Borough of Shenandoah with supervised leave to the borough of Mahanoy City on Sunday.

  • Donamick

    3 months house arrest for stealing $67,000 am I the only one that sees anything wrong with that? And they say crime doesn’t pay
    $67,000 for 3 months that’s well worth it.

  • III%

    So 3 months sitting on her butt eating bon-bons and binge watching Hulu for stealing $67,000 that would have bought turnouts, helmets, boots, air paks to save life’s ……… Only in America

    • Bill K.

      House arrest is even better than that! It’s not truly confined to your house. You can go out in your backyard. You can still go to Church. You can still go grocery shopping. You can still go to the doctors office. You can still go to AA meetings. Heck, I’d all of a sudden say “I’m an alcoholic and need an AA meeting daily or I’ll start drinking again!” then I can go out and about any time I want.

  • Bill K.

    The bigger story is that the fire company allowed this to go on for six years. How much money does this fire company pull in that they don’t notice an average of $11,000 a year missing? I know if I was missing $11,000 a year after about the third year I’d start wondering what’s going on. I really wish WNEP would follow up with all these mom and pop organizations. Ask them the hard questions like “what the h311 do your auditors do if they can’t see this much money missing year after year?” I feel no sympathy for the fire department as they allowed this to go on for six years.

  • Bill K.

    And did the fire company tighten up their accounting procedures? Do they audit their books now? My guess is no, they don’t. Because how could this happen twice in a row? We really, really trust the rest of the members.

  • Fredric


    A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge. A really smart defendant knows the judge really, really well.

    Or so the saying goes.

    It’s an election year.

  • Mike Hunt

    So, no retroactive restitution, penal incarceration and/or community service for this aforementioned thief? Another crony with connections. She’s only sorry that said thief got busted. Shame on you, thief, and shame on the applicable judge presiding over this corrupt case. SMH. If it were a male thief, they would have thrown the book at his person and the key away.

    • Donamick

      It’s all corrupt and they don’t give a s*** what any of us think. The judge would tell anyone of us very arrogantly to mind their own damn business

  • Fredric

    I would like to read that plea bargain. Disgusting. How much of the penalty was for stealing a ticket the supermarket and drinking our food prices up?

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