Family Members of Shooting Victim Shocked

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PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- People closest to the man killed by a Fish and Boat Commission officer say they cannot believe what investigators say happened.

When the man was killed along the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County Tuesday, investigators said he first attacked a Fish and Boat Commission officer with a rock and also tried to drown him.

We talked to the man's brother on the phone and also interviewed his girlfriend. Both told us they are in complete shock that the father of several children was killed in a struggle with the officer.

The girlfriend says it's completely out of his character to attack someone, nevermind a member of law enforcement.

Heidi Grabko went to the Susquehanna River in Plymouth Township to pay her respects to the father of her two young children, Sean Bohinski.

Authorities say he was killed Tuesday in a struggle with a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officer.

"He's a great father," said Grabko. "I can't say anything else."

Authorities say Bohinksi attacked the Fish and Boat Commission officer, trying to drown the officer and hitting him with a rock. The officer then shot Bohinksi and killed him.

"He just was burning wire down here, which he always did. He actually picked up garbage and cleaned up around here and did good around here, not bad. He never got into fights. He would never hurt anybody. He would never do that," Grabko said.

The Luzerne County district attorney's office says they are still investigating this case. It will be a couple of days before they can say for sure if the shooting was justified.

"He'd give the shirt off his back to anybody, to a stranger. He would never hurt anybody. He never would even kill a spider in our house. It just hurts a lot."

We still don't know what started this fight because authorities say they have not been able to interview the officer. He is in still the hospital and there's no word yet on his condition.


  • noname

    These Two are disgusting she doesn’t have kids! She gave every last one pf them up fforer drug habbits pos! Her words areohing but bullshit all she ever did was complain about how bad of a person he was No one wants to listen to your potty sob story !

  • Lemme Stopyourightthere

    This man has placed the lives of children in danger numerous times, and his girlfriend crying on the news actually lost all her kids because of proven drug use while the children were in the house, and using while pregnant. Everyone around them has had to clean up their mess, and now people are claiming he was such a great guy. Because running from the police with kids in the car is being a great dad. If the people sticking up for him know firsthand what kind of guy he was(which I am sure they do), they should be ashamed and embarassed.

  • john williams

    Welfare and unemployment needs to be abolished and replaced with a new program combination of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA). If you dont have a private job, then in exchange for a salary and healthcare you will work a public Job for the good of the public. The rate of return on the money spent on these two 7 year programs was astounding, and many people were employed and provided for their families, and it kept them out of trouble, and they learned skills they could use for other jobs. Why do we give away “free money” today??????

  • warningfakenews

    There are many folks here who want to jump to a conclusion based on this man’s past history. Yes, his history makes it more likely that the officer’s shooting was justified, but if we don’t carefully investigate exactly what happened, we will only be assuming.

    The innocence project finds many people falsely convicted of serious crimes. Often the person in jail or awaiting the death penalty has a lengthy rap-sheet. Still, DNA testing has proven many of them to be innocent now that this technology is available. Their past history often leads cops and DAs to fabricate a case, lie about things, just to get them into jail for a crime they didn’t commit.

    Thug tactics by bad cops threatens the lives of good cops because it helps make them a target. A good cop who honors his oath by dealing fairly and honestly with everyone they meet, and respecting the constitution is a treasure for society to have. We should reward them greatly and work to remove abusive police from their ranks.

    • warningfakenews

      If Lloyd’s like me, he has several tin foil hats, one for each day of the week and some unusual ones for special occasions. We don’t ever put them away, but we will change into the appropriate one from time to time just to be on the safe side.

      Tin foil is becoming harder and harder to find, because the government has been pushing aluminum ones because they are so easily breached. Thank you for your concern, none-the-less.

  • You’re Insane

    Unemployed, warrants, doesn’t take care of his kids, burning what was most likely stolen wire for a few drug dollars, attacks an officer because he doesn’t want to go to jail.
    Yep, he was a great guy!
    Maybe he should have been out looking for real work so he could pay his child support?
    Next we’re going to be subjected to the “he was turning his life around” nonsense.

    • Pinochet

      Hey man good way to avoid the problem. ive been telling people about this shit for years. Not my fault whats coming. I just feel its only right to rub it in your commie noses. I teach my kids on my own without your public schools and assure you they are samrter than most of your kids in school. By the way my wife will be here soon and i need some pussy.

  • Measure of a man

    Let’s ask his Pastor or Reverend just how great a man he is. Or his parole officer or local police chief.

  • White punks on dope

    To white trash that continuously breaks the law and has no moral compass, this comes as a shock. To decent people this comes as no surprise. One less bum of the streets.

      • Dumb as a box of rocks

        Uh yeah, when the tramp cheats on the great Dad while he is at work then leaves with the kids, and takes him to domestics, yeah…he has to pay child support. There are a lot of great Dads that get screwed like that. If you had more than one brain cell maybe you’d see that

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