Man Shot and Killed After Struggle with Fish and Boat Commission Officer

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- State police have identified the man who was shot and killed by a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officer in Luzerne County.

Investigators say Sean Bohinski, 37, of Nanticoke, was killed after he attacked that officer along the Susquehanna River in Plymouth Township by striking him with a rock several times and attempting to drown him as well.

Canal Park off Route 11 near West Nanticoke was packed with state troopers, crime scene investigators and emergency Tuesday afternoon. The Luzerne County District Attorney's Office said state police were called to the area around 1 p.m.

Authorities said Bohinski hit the officer with a rock several times, and Bohinski even tried to drown the officer. They said the officer was basically fighting for his life.

Investigators say the officer was on routine patrol and walking along the Susquehanna River when he came upon Bohinski.

“For some reason, a fight ensued with that male,” said Luzerne County First Assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce. “The officer was struck repeatedly and so far, the evidence seems to indicate that there may have been an attempt to drown that officer. The officer discharged his weapon. The individual is now deceased. This individual remains unidentified. The officer is being treated for his injuries.”

Jack Faux tells Newswatch 16 that he is the brother-in-law of Bohinski. He tells us that he doesn't believe what investigators are saying. Faux says his brother-in-law had warrants for child support but would never attack an officer.

“I guarantee he took off running because he didn't want to be captured, but he's never going to put up a fight to cop. He wouldn't do it,” said Faux.

Authorities originally believed there was a second person involved. A helicopter searched the area until it was determined the officer and Bohinski were the only ones on the river.

Neighbors said they heard two gunshots and saw the injured officer. They were shocked by it all.

"I was born and raised in this town. I'm coming up through and I see all the cop cars and everything. I just pulled in to see what's going on and heard what's going on. It's crazy. It's unbelievable, you know, that someone would do that," said Joseph Shedlock.

“Any time an officer, whether it be state police, local police, or in this case a Fish and Boat Commission, you know, they're there to enforce the law. When they're attacked, it's an attack on all of us,” said Sanguedolce.

State police and the Luzerne County District Attorney's Office are handling the investigation. Investigators have not released the name of the officer or his condition at the hospital. An autopsy on Bohinski is scheduled for Wednesday.


  • Jack faux

    Are you people seriously believing all this bull and so its known I gave him the copper wire it was not stolen don’t know where you people get your information from but wow anything to try to make the cop look better he is a murdered a man and told bull shxt story its in black and white. Think about it

  • Robert

    Not a violent bone in Sean’s body! He is a law abiding citizen in every respect. Aside from the 3 warrants, and history of domestic abuse. Besides that he’s a awesome guy! Anybody that ran into him burning insulation from stolen copper wire down by the river would immediately recognize him as a fine upstanding criminal that should just be left alone to go his way. Because if you didn’t he would try and kill you.

  • warningfakenews

    ALL Americans have a vested interest in seeing to it that the public officials, police, and the military who swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution of The United States honor that oath. That goes for a Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or whatever /American. Do we know the facts of this case? No. It may be that the officer was acting honorably and correctly within the performance of his duty. We don’t have anyone else’s word to go by as to what transpired, though- do we? Hopefully we will find out the truth.

    • Warning - truth

      ALL Americans have a vested interest in obeying the law, paying their bills, respecting elders and authority figures, having personal responsibility and accountability, and contributing to society at large. When the paradigm shift goes from asset to liability, there’s a problem. It appears that Mr. Bohinski was a problem, aptly neutralized due to his own actions.

      • warningfakenews

        It appears? Maybe. We’ve concluded? That would not be the responsible thing to do at this point, if we are being accountable, paying our bills, and being an asset. We do need to insure that an innocent man wasn’t killed here, we owe that to society, his family, and ourselves- as well as those who fought and died for the freedom we enjoy.

        As stated earlier, courts don’t allow a person’s past to be considered while judging a matter at hand, it’s the evidence of what presently occurred which is material here. Let’s see what the evidence in THIS case is.

        (BTW, I know you meant to include “Law Enforcement Officers” in that “ALL” you stated, right? It’s especially important that we keep tabs on them, because it can get ugly in a hurry if those charged with enforcing the laws tend to ignore the Constitution they swore an oath to honor, right? Is that not our ultimate and supreme law, by which all other laws are measured and quantified?)

    • Robert

      Dude, there is only one reason a person would be burning insulation off of copper wire along the edge of the Susquehanna river or anywhere that is not on your personal property. If you don’t get that your hopeless! That’s like having a crack pipe in hand, saying I don’t have crack on me! Use the unified justice system web page sometime! Enough information is presented in this article to find this POS. And the fact is he has outstanding warrants! Sober up before posting bro!

      • Jack faux

        You stupid POS you don’t know anything and if that’s how you look at it almost everyone has a past stupid I gave him the wire and told him to burn it down there didn’t want it in my pit so find something better to do with your time wow

      • Almost everyone

        “Almost everyone has a past” – the difference there being some peoples past consists of graduating from college, getting a job, paying their bills, and contributing to society. Others – multiple arrests, escaping from prison, being a dead-beat dad, burning copper… Please Jack, he’s a bum, at best you’re just white trash and not a criminal. You should probably stop now.

    • Robert

      Sean had warrants and was evading law enforcement. Yea the officer was within the scope of his duty. Did Sean know his rights or get tricked into surrendering them. Good possibility. People burning the insulation off copper wire by the river usually aren’t very smart. NEWS FLASH warrants come with wanted posters and they have pictures!

      • warningfakenews

        People in a rush to pass judgment before the investigation concludes and before all the facts come out make me wonder. I’ve said that more than likely the shooting was justified, but why do people want to shove a particular opinion down everyone’s throats prematurely? It makes me wonder if there’s an attempt at helping someone cover-up something going on. Let’s see what happens.

      • Robert

        I get it. I find questionable conduct by law enforcement concerning as well. However, I have a different opinion as to the cause of abuse issues related to constitutional rights. 1. Elected leaders of government. 2. Officer candidate selection and training. We don’t elect the best because the best want nothing to do with the BS that comes with the position. The selection process and training of officers are limited by manpower requirements and budgets.

      • warningfakenews

        True. But then again, a basic reading of the Constitution of the United States, which they swear to uphold and defend is pretty much as basic as it gets. They don’t swear an oath to be expedient at all costs.

  • Me

    Take the spaces out and enter into browser.
    https : // ujsportal. Docket Sheets / MDJReport.ashx? docket Number =MJ-11302-CR-0000460-2014

    • Yale Law

      One man is dead, and another is in hospital, and you see fit to attempt gallows humor? Must be horrible to be you.

  • Jack Irvin

    So when a law enforcement officer shoots someone he “discharged his weapon” but when a wacko shoots someone it is somehow “gun violence” even though both used a gun to fill someone, media gets more biased everyday

  • III%

    OK so I guess since a person is fishing they are over looked by the pgc and if your in a jurisdiction of a town or boro your over looked by the PSP and only the local police can stop you so jp wank your response is invalid

    • warningfakenews

      You win! 60 on the nose. Some of these will disappear, that’s for sure. There are some racist remarks that will go, but then people also like to report those people who shoot their own arguments full of holes (no pun intended).

      I think the very best thing we as Americans can do is have a vibrant discussion with all points of view considered- and you know, the racists discredit themselves if you let them talk. If they INCITE anyone, then the people they incite are no better. Only a fool buys into that carp.

  • Grow a pair and clean up your act

    The people that squawk the loudest about ‘abuse of power’ and ‘government overreach’ are also the same ones that have something to hide. In almost 50 years of hunting and fishing I’ve only ever had one or two ‘unfriendly’ encounters. Some of the fish and rabbit cops have attitude. So what? Comply with their requests and go about your day. Most of them run into arrogant a-hole outlaws on a daily basis and get jaded and conditioned to dealing with douchebag hunters and fishermen. Yep – you’ll say it’s part of the job. Try it some time. It’s a darn shame that someone lost their life over what outwardly appears to be an argument. Let’s hope the details reveal what happened and let justice prevail.

  • III%

    Having your fishing license checked by the game commission 4 times in one day by the same pgc officer isn’t a abuse of power ? And I’m 100% catch and release

  • azeline16

    Scratching my head on this….I believe it was reported that the violator took physical action against the officer???…. I didn’t know anger was the “ok card” to physically assault someone.

  • Mick

    Its really sad that someone’s husband, father or son wont be going home tonight, all over a fishing violation??
    Since when does a license violation come before a life. Sounds like another case of police against the people tp me. Really sad….. the guy was fishing. He was not hurting anyone, not committing a crime against society just fishing, providing food for his family. Nothing that justifies shooting someone.

    • justified

      Self-defense and fear for your life does. You seem to have all the answers here. How do you know he was just fishing? Feeding his family – I highly doubt that his dependents – if he had any – were relying on his daily catch to ward off starvation.

      • Warning - truth

        He was ‘burning wire’ like he always does – according to the people he left behind. You know, that honorable occupation that so many before him have handed down from generation to generation.

  • AgeofEntitlementMakesMeThrowUp

    Those who have an issue with law enforcement are those who usually break the law. I abide by the laws, enjoy the outdoors, and have no problems. I have always had pleasant experience with the PAGC. It’s not hard to follow the rules. If you are that stupid to break them and carry on about it after you are caught, you deserve repercussions. No one wants to accept responsibility of their actions and yet these same people believe they are are entitled to everything. No remorse for these types of people!

    • warningfakenews

      What laws were the people who were affected by Katrina violating when the order came down to confiscate guns from American citizens?

      The Jews in Nazi Germany were likely law abiding folks, for the most part, too. Nothing to worry about?

      Why do you think the founding fathers took such great care to limit the power of GOVERNMENT? The government’s our friend, right?

    • Givemeabreak

      You said it in your own sentence. “Those who have an issue with law enforcement are those who USUALLY break the law.”. There are times when innocent people go to jail. There are times when people, like that nurse that recently was just doing her job by not allowing a police officer to draw blood from an unconscious individual got physical with her and attempted to arrest her even though he was dead wrong. The Police and PAGC are humans and all humans make mistakes.

    • Jack faux

      This conservation officer has reports on him using deadly force in a few different cases these people personally contacted me and told me about them

  • III%

    Hahahahaaaaa report a badge number and name to the game or fish commission and exactly what do you think they would do about it ? that’s right nothing ! Why because I have done exactly that with 0 results

  • Wildrose53

    had dealt with a few wco in the past,have not had a bad expierence at any time. they have a job to do just like anyone else.

  • III%

    Any time I’ve had contact with a officer of the Pennsylvania game commission or the fish commission I’ve always been left with the feeling that I just dealt with the Russian KGB never met a officer without some chip on his shoulder I recently had contact with a NY Dec officer that became a 30 minute conversation a business card and a laugh or two you certainly don’t get that in Pennsylvania

    • He's Got a Soft Side

      If they hurt your feelings little guy maybe you should report it to the commission, with the badge # and name.

      • warningfakenews

        People filing complaints also face harassment and abuse at the hands of some,/I> law enforcement agencies. Research it, look for videos of people doing it and see what happens when you dare to file a complaint with some agencies.

        In any case, this guy won’t be filing a complaint, will he? Dead men tell no tales, unless it got recorded and we’re allowed to see it.

    • Pa. Is a military state

      Yes, your 100% correct 111%. I often travel to the Adirondacks and the DEC officers up there are very polite and professional. They allow you to relax and enjoy yourself. The tree cops in PA. do nothing but hassle people while they’re trying to enjoy the outdoors.

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