Parents Stage Protest in Dallas School District

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP --It’s been a week since teachers in the Dallas School District hit the picket lines. Now, parents have staged a protest of their own.

People could feel the tension in the air as both strikes on Friday were taking place right on the school district’s property.

Parents, teachers, and administrators essentially said they all want the same thing: for these strikes to be over.

Parents in the Dallas School District said they are frustrated and fed up with another teacher’s strike.

“I was angry this time about the strike. I was a teacher for ten years and I understand both positions… but to keep my children out of school makes me angry,” Protest organizer Joanna Cunningham said.

This is the second time teachers in the district have hit the picket lines over salary, healthcare, and workplace safety in two years.

Bob Magnotta said his son is a high school senior studying to be an engineer.

“It's hurting my son prepping to go into a very technical career,” Magnotta said. “It's just him there's a bunch of other students that I'm sure were hoping for scholarships, some of them are going into the military, and this really puts them in a bind.”

Demonstrators said they’re not taking sides for or against teachers. They just want people to sign a petition for House Bill 920. Parents said the bill would make it so that students don’t get pulled out of school during strikes.

“We're trying to send the message down to Harrisburg, the PSEA, and the administration that these strikes don't work. All they do is create discontent and strife in the community,” Magnotta said.

Maureen Conahan lives in the Abington Heights School District. It just wrapped up a strike.

She said she fought this fight years ago during the last strike there.

“It really divides the community and it's very difficult to repair once all the emotions, they stay there for a lot of years,” Conahan said.

Representatives from the teacher's side said they understand the parent's frustrations because they wish they were in the classroom as well. However, teachers hope more parents come to board meetings in the future.

“Whether it's for us or against us, I mean when you're in front of the school board that's how you get your message across,” Dallas Education Association President Michael Cherinka said.

The state has determined the last day teachers can strike is October 18.

Parents said you can sign their petition against striking in person or online.


  • sick of fake news


    Who do these teachers think they are? They need to wake up and join reality. Nearly EVERYONE is paying more for health insurance (thank you Obamacare). Why should these whining complainers be except from that?

    Wages in the economy remain stagnant for the American worker. IF THE TAXPAYERS IN THE DISTRICT AREN’T GETTING A RAISE, WHY SHOULD THE TEACHERS BE ENTITLED TO ONE?

    The single largest bill I have is the DALLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT TAX BILL and these greedy clowns want to increase that? These fools are saying it’s ‘unfair’ for them not to get automatic raises or to have to pay towards their own healthcare? Increasing taxes on already overtaxed residents of the Dallas School District is what’s UNFAIR. Wise up Dallas teachers. We’ve had it. We are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

    • sick of fake news

      Sorry, couldn’t edit –above should read:


  • Far Right

    Snowflake taxpayers whining that they can’t afford their taxes. Maybe get a job and pull your weight. Stop expecting taxpayers to fund your Medicaid and Social Security so you can sit home complaining!

    • sick of fake news

      Wow, ignorant much, no? Ever hear of the FICA tax, pal? Most people getting Social Security ARE taxpayers and have been paying into that system most of their lives. Snowflake TEACHERS need to stop whining about paying at least SOMETHING for their own health insurance and stop whining how they’re entitled to automatic raises. Wages in the economy have been STAGNANT for years.


      • sick of fake news

        Who the EFF do you think you are calling ME a deadbeat? You’re not only a MORON but a LIAR. I always pay my taxes. Do YOU?
        You must be one of those pampered overpaid underworked snowflake Dallas School District TEACHERS who think they’re entitled to MY money. If anyone is a DEADBEAT it’s the TEACHERS WHO DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE!!!

        So, Mr. or Ms. Dallas Teacher–PAY UP DEADBEAT!!!

  • Robert

    Public education is a double edged sword. My children are/were home schooled, however attend public schools. Why you may ask? To teach them to navigate the real world. This town/county/state/country/world is filled with all kinds of people that home school will simply not prepare you for. Providing them with full disclosure of the world their parents brought them into.

  • Isabella

    Parents there are other choices! Private, charter, Religious and Cyber schools. You don’t have just one choice anymore. How fast would they sign a contract when teachers are getting laid off?

    • Lloyd schmucatelli

      Although I agree with you regarding alternative choices, it’s not going to matter if parents send their kids elsewhere. The tax revenue still comes in.

      If you really want to cause a tidal wave, get everyone in the district to not pay their school taxes for 2 years!!!

      Just before the county slates the properties for auction!!

      That would change
      things or at least cause a ripple.

      I bet if a whole school district worth of tax payers withheld property taxes for 2 years, they would even have to change the taxing laws.

      You gotta hit em where it hurts. Highlighters on construction paper are worth about as much as used toilet paper for making any real change.

      • sick of fake news

        Yeah, but they charge interest on late taxes. There needs to be property tax relief in general particularly for the school taxes. Dallas’ taxes are out of control. They need to FALL not increase every single year. I don’t get an automatic pay increase just because another year has gone by. Why should taxes continually increase. Maybe pro-taxpayer school board members are the answer.

  • e

    I fully support the parents. For some reason, teachers think they are entitled to benefits that the average working man/woman cannot even fathom. Teachers need to live in the real world. They should be paid an hourly rate. They should not be paid for the summer months during which they do not work. They should contribute to their health care premiums like every body else does in the real world. Teachers need to realize that they do not deserve a better salary and benefit package than every body else.


    I actually disagree with the term TEACHER. They don’t really teach, they echo policy, procedure and monitor the education curriculum they have been hired to narrate. Indoctrinating our children to fit into a system of dependence. There is little if any discussion on social subjects and dissent is squashed with zero tolerance policies that turn free speech into detention/suspension for disruption. Teachers in NE PA have more in common with North Korean Tour Guides than the traditional definition of teacher.

    • Robert

      Then let me offer a reason to be optimistic, the Supreme Court has added to its docket the California right to free speech that it remanded back to the 9th circuit court when the Supreme Court split 4-4 June 2017. This should be decided by June 2018. Several other labor issues for a total of eight will be addressed. Wave bye to the financial clout the crap unions wield in our elections. Who’s worried about Russians when we have AFSCME, PSEA and NEA pumping millions into the election process.

  • Lance

    Get a cost of living increase and pay for your own healthcare. The strike would be over quickly if they just agree to those things. But teachers are special. They shouldnt have to pay for their healthcare. Their attitude need serious adjustments

  • MisterPL

    “The parents want state legislators to pass House Bill 920 which would not allow teachers and students to be out of school during a strike.”

    Not much point of a strike then, huh? Are these parents and legislators really this stupid?

    • concerned commuter

      Lots of people don’t have the right to strike. Military, cops, firemen just to name a few. The state of New Jersey does not permit teachers strikes. What does a teachers strike get? They loose no money because they will have to make up the days later in the year. The school looses nothing because they have to work all year instead of 185 days so they’ll be there anyway. What can actually be gained by a teachers strike? Absolutely nothing can be gained by either side. It only hurts the students, that the teachers are supposed to care so much about, and the parents that have to find child care for them. What actually is the point of this teachers strike when neither side will actually be harmed in any way. Don’t you think that just maybe it’s the teachers way of jumping up and down and crying “I want my way”. What else is actually is accomplished by this strike?

      • Girl Writers

        cops and firemen, it depends on their contract. They’re considered essential. Teachers on the other hand aren’t considered essential. What job in NEPA do you need an education for? And with coal mining coming back to our area, they’ll cut education at the 8th grade.

      • concerned commuter

        Girl writers. There are lots of jobs in PA that require an education. Paramedic, doctor, nurse, computer repair man, car mechanic. Just because you spent four years learning how to teach someone something doesn’t make you super privileged or super smart. Why should a teacher even think that they are such special people? They work 185 days a year and want more privileges than any other profession out there. Let them be like everybody else and pay their fair share towards their healthcare.

  • JP

    Teachers,when my mom’s house is up for auction because the 1100 a month from ss can’t pay the taxes because you want more and more, will let her live in your nice big home and feed her and take care of her? I doubt it.

    • J

      My house is not big. I do not spend more than I have, more than is coming in, more than I really need. I was responsible, I worked at a company that provided a pension and when that closed I paid money into a 401K. And I saved money for a rainy day. I did not spend every penny I had. I’ve enjoyed my life and I enjoy it now. I worked and work for what I have. I do not overindulge. I do not expect the government to take care of me. I am responsible for myself.

      P.S. When is your mom’s house going up for auction, I may want to buy it?

      • concerned commuter

        It’s hard to not spend more than you have when everything but your income goes up. The teachers get enough of our tax money as it is, If they want a new contract put it on the election ballet. if it’s fair it’ll get passed.

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