Teachers in Dallas School District Begin Strike


DALLAS  ---Teachers in the Dallas School District were not in the classroom Friday morning, they were on the picket lines.

Teachers and the school board were not able to reach a contract agreement Thursday night.

This is the second time in two years teachers have gone on strike over the contract dispute.

Although Friday was their first day back on strike, they said they just want it to be over.

“I just want it to be done. I want Dallas to get back to the way Dallas was. It's a great place to work, I love the kids. I look forward to work, that's what I miss most about this, that I'm not in school,” Dallas High School computer teacher Michael Cherinka said.

Teachers said they are striking over wages, working conditions, and health care.

Last year, they walked out on their job for 22 days.

“You miss everything that they've taught you and then you forget it and then you're expected to know it again a month later, and it's just hard,” Sophomore Alex Derome said.

Teachers said they presented the board with fair plans, but school officials said that is not the case.

“Their offer, it would defy the laws of the physics that we can get their offer done. It's disappointing, it's so frustrating,” Dallas School District Solicitor Vito DeLuca said.

“We’ve offered the district multiple proposals that are fair, reasonable, and affordable and I can't say that enough. Every proposal we have given them has been fair, reasonable and affordable,” Region field director for the Pennsylvania State Education Association John Holland said.

Students said they were not surprised when they were told not to come in to school on Friday.

“When it happened last night it was just like, everyone knew that it was probably going to happen,” Sophomore John Toussaint said.

School officials said it’s unclear how long the strike will last because it is determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Taxpayers hope it ends sooner rather than later.

“Come to an agreement! Get it over with! Don't hurt the kids, that's what I say. The kids are the ones that are suffering,” Bob Ritts of Dallas Township said.

Teachers said they have been without a new contract for three years.


  • Robert

    This one’s more fun to read than the last school strike article. Feels like sitting next to a warm fire watching a freshly baked apple pie set out on the patio during a snow storm. Those poor snowflakes never get to touch the surface, but they try, and try, and try……

    • Robert

      Isn’t it pretty how those fragile little snowflakes melt and collect at the sides of the pie pan. Soon overflowing and freezing into funny little crooked ice icicles. So closely resembling the frailty of their arguments again they break and plummet towards the ground. +smash+ Oh how sad they never get to taste that lovely pie.

    • El Ma

      What I find fascinating about discussion forums like this is that people tend to melt down and, in lieu of finding a rational, civil, and convincing argument, they de-evolve into sophomoric, petty insults that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject, at hand. This behavior is globally recognized as a Snowflake Tantrum. When it realizes that it has no valid argument and is unable to simply accept facts as they are, the snowflake begins to melt in its fury. As it melts, it knows that it transparency is painfully evident, and it becomes further enraged with its own helplessness to stay the melt down. Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle……….poor little things.

  • Larry Stokes

    El Ma doesn’t own any property, pay any taxes or contribute to society in any way. I really can’t comprehend why it is bitching. Shut your sewer already.

      • El Ma

        Larrrrry is angry that there is no rational defense for this teachers’ strike. Larrrry hates the knowledge that the vast majority of the people on these forums are fed up with striking teachers and the petty demands of their union, and it might be comical if it weren’t so frigging tragic. Add up that much hatred and anger, along with a dose of impotence, and this is the result. There are medications and counseling therapy available for people who suffer this, and it might just be the best thing Larrrrrry ever did for him/her/it-self to pursue every avenue available before he/she/it has a thrombosis over an online news discussion forum.

  • Call Of C'Thulu

    Since people are comparing teachers to law enforcement, make striking a cause for dismissal. Im sick of these money grubbing pigs.

  • dennis lowery

    nice reporting this morning that video of them striking was last year. i drove thru there yesterday at 8;30 am and 1;45 pm no picketeres where to be found. nice long weekend for over payed lazy folks

  • john williams

    A fair contract. Wow. for the pay and benefits they get for 9 1/2 months of work (and they get vacation too) and what they have isnt fair??????

    • Bill

      Please get your facts straight before you comment. Teachers don’t get vacation time. Vacation is a paid event and teachers don’t get paid for time off!

      • El Ma

        BILL, so that means that these teachers are being paid an average of $6,600.00 PER MONTH for a 9 month contract. Yet, these people cannot afford to set aside funds to survive the summer months without income, OR a measly $80 per month for health care? Omigod. These people are earning nearly 1/3 of what I make in ONE YEAR, and I’m paying almost $400 per month for my own health care AND my taxes to keep paying these Greedy Smurfs while they walk their picket lines, sip their lattes, and congratulate one another on what dedicated educators they are. What utter and complete fecal matter.

        Until someone can offer a rational, intelligent, and reasonable argument for why this is acceptable, hold your vacuous comments because it makes each and every supporter of this abominable strike look like complete tools.

      • El Ma

        quasi-edit: “1/3 of what I make in ONE YEAR” was meant to read, “…1/3 of what I make in ONE YEAR in a single month’s wages…”

  • Mad P00per

    for the people who thumbs up the strike, what is wrong with you? The only people who get free medical are politicians and military and the military health system is pretty lame. The union is crazy holding up students and their parents hostage. Lawmakers should step in and take control of this stupid scene.

  • Pop the bubble

    Ah the Dallas Bubble…..I was a student there not too long ago, and now I’m a nurse.

    I pay hundreds a month towards my healthcare, and my spouse’s, just for a basic plan.

    And you’re upset that your health care isn’t free? Seriously?

    I hope you ALL wake up and realize that you’re replaceable. I know quite a few peers who have degrees in teaching and are eager for jobs. Many have had to relocate, literally to another state, to land a teaching job.

    Be careful what you do…..and the choices you make. You may NOT have a job…..

    Also ” work conditions”?? what are you talking about????? Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Bob Calvey

    Fair they don’t care what’s fair they are greedy is it fair people in private sector don’t get treated fairly we have to deal with it I hope they don’t get a raise at all get in the real world stop ripping off the taxpayers

  • Chris Hampel

    I’m curious Vito. What exactly do the laws of physics have to do with settling this strike?? I would really like to know…..

  • Givemeabreak

    Maybe if Dallas didn’t spend all of our money on a new football stadium they would have it for the teachers. Dallas school district residents spend quite a bit on taxes. Where does all the money go? It just looks like more money spent in the wrong places. Typical politicians wasting our money on what isn’t important. How much did that stadium cost again?

    • concerned commuter

      Maybe if the teachers weren’t to cheap to pay a couple of bucks for their health care it would be over already.

    • concerned commuter

      The teachers were offered a new starting salary of 40 some thousand dollars but were asked to contribute 30 or 60 dollars towards their health care. Seems a little selfish of them to demand that we pay completely for their health care. Most people in this country do have to contribute towards their health care.
      If the stadium is such a big deal why weren’t the teachers outside picketing when it was approved? They didn’t seem to mind it being built but now they’re too cheap to even think of contributing toward health care. Remember their presidents statement? “Not one cent for health care.” Makes them really seem concerned about everybody else doesn’t it?

  • in charge

    too bad… so sad.
    These teachers think they are special… not contributing to your healthcare? why would you be entitled to that?
    Get back to work, or we will find new employees who will work.

  • PA Resident

    Great, another bullying tactic by another one of our area’s school teachers to delve into the wallets of tax payers. You’re welcome. Such a shame, that they are putting their fair salaries, health care, and working conditions in front of teaching our children.

  • Larry Stokes

    El Ma you are a welfare recipient does not contribute to society. I know who you are. You just loves to hear yourself talk and make yourself appear to know what your talking about. You really need to shut your trap you piece of non contributing trailer park trash government benefit sucking bum. Just shut up already and find a job, so we don’t have to pay for you.

    • El Ma

      Once again, LARRY STOKES, I am not obligated to explain myself to you, or anyone else. So…… stop having a nerd rage and get yourself some Xanax before you truly slip a cog and end up somewhere that you would rather not want to be.

  • Lance

    The average AMERICAN EARNS LESS THAN A SCHOOLTEACHER. The average AMERICAN PAYS Towards HEALTHCARE. The average AMERICAN HAS 2 WEEKS VACATION. Tell me again teachers about pay, healthcare and working conditions.

      • El Ma

        RACHEL, if you didn’t become a teacher for the pay and benefits, how’s about you donate 1/5 of your salary to cover your own health care, and a few of your colleagues that don’t want to pay for theirs, too? How’s about you teach for $30,000 per year and pay your own health care? You see, men and women in the military start their salaries out at about $24,000 per year, and they get “free” health care when their legs are blown off by an IED or they take a round to their shoulder. Yeah…….rewrite your own contract for $30,000 per year, you pay your own health care, and then I’ll come to your home, and cook a fabulously delicious dinner each week until you retire, or I die. Whaddaya say? DEAL?

    • Bill

      The average american does not pay a dime for any education. You want to lump educated people into the same pay schedule as not educated people. GET REAL! If you had as much education as most teachers, wouldn’t you expect to be paid a premium salary? I have researched non educational jobs with equal education as teachers and they pay 2-3 times what teachers are getting paid. Seems like most of the people with negative comments on here are very uneducated.

  • Fire them! Hire non-union!

    Fire them all, then put their positions on CareerBuilder.com. If they are a good teacher, maybe they will be rehired…maybe they wont…

  • Larry Stokes

    El Ma you need to quit complaining . What concern or relevancy does it make what kind of vehicle the teachers drive or pay for. Just because you are cruising around in a neon, it is okay, if that’s all you probably can afford. Don’t be a hater. I am really getting sick and tired of your bitchin. The true fact is , you probably live in a trailer or project and don’t even pay taxes or have job for that matter. Best advice to you is zip it! Welfare rat. That is what I think of you

    • El Ma

      OH, my………..you hurt my wittle feewings, didn’t you?

      Speculate all you want because it’s tragically comical. I don’t give one steaming sh*t what you think of me. The only thing I’m concerned with is that I contribute to the salaries of public servants, and these teachers should have a greater regard for their positions, their students, AND the taxpayers that pay their salaries.

      What I think of you is nothing: you’re a non-entity and a bag of hot air. Make me zip it. LMAO!!!!!! That’s right. MAKE ME! LOLOLOLOL

    • adalagarzi

      Larry Stokes, you’re like a case of Herpes. You’re unpleasant, disgusting, and always show up when you’re not wanted.

      Instead of actually providing a sound argument, you lash out at people that don’t agree with your hivemind agenda and ideals. I know someone that has to pay more than 300 dollars A MONTH for health insurance, and a monthly fee of 80 dollars is considered “Unfair?” I’m sorry, but that’s helmet-tier autism.

      I’d like to make it clear that I have read everything that you’ve posted thus far, and to be quite honest, I think that if I were to take the urine of Miley Curys, the crap of Mark Zuckerberg, mix it together, add a little bleach, and put the concoction in my eyes, the burning sensation would be better than having to subject my glorious seeing-eye-orbs to the garbage-speak that you mistakenly call an “argument.”

      TL;DR – larry Stokes has 0 concept of what he’s talking about, and is intellectually rivaled by a Potato.

    • I Am Larry Stokes

      “The true fact is, you probably” is redundant. A fact is not a probability. Unless you know elma and where he lives you are just grasping at insults instead of dialogue. When all else fails dazzle them with juvenile insults.

  • El Ma

    There are all of these emotional buzz-words being used: “fair salary,” “health care,” and “working conditions.”

    Fair salary: any salary should be commensurate with experience, and merit-based accolades, NOT a frigging union card. In times past, teachers were some of the most underpaid people in the workforce, and they were still dedicated and conscientious. They didn’t walk out on their students because they wanted more from their communities.

    Health care: get over yourselves. I want cheap (or, free) health care, too. Don’t we all? But, I pay 1/5 of my income towards my health insurance. One fifth. You all need to develop an attitude of gratitude instead of whining about having to pay your own way. Not one of you is any more special than the fellow that changes the oil in my car – you really aren’t. He has more integrity than ANY of these striking “educators” do.

    Working conditions: you want what? Air conditioning? Fans? Plush carpets? Perrier water in the vending machines? A Starbucks in the Teachers’ Lounge? Lavender incense? Ambient lighting? A cafeteria that doesn’t reek of old milk and garbage? What does that even mean, “working conditions?” You all want students that are all zombified with Ritalin and Adderal?

    Each and every teacher walking that picket line should be fired, immediately, and replaced by individuals who want to have a positive impact upon their students and their communities. Replace them with people who will understand and acknowledge that the taxpayers of their districts are their REAL employers.

    Shame on these self-important pigs and get them the hell off of my payroll.

      • concerned commuter

        The teachers are on our payroll!!! Where do you think the money to pay them comes from? It comes from the pockets of the hard working taxpayers and the senior citizens that are on fixed incomes. A heck of a lot they care. All they want is more more more. Why can’t they contribute to their health care like most people have to?

      • El Ma

        KAREN, you can call me whatever you like, and I truly don’t care. But the fact is that every civil servant is on your payroll, my payroll, and the payroll of everyone that pays taxes in this State.

        Where do you think the money for teachers comes from? The fabled Money Tree? I promise you that this is a myth – the Money Tree doesn’t exist.

      • JP

        Karen, your an idiot. We, the tax payers pay their salaries. Why should my 87 year old mother who is struggling to stay in her home that my father and her moved into need to worry about her school taxes? I’ll tell you why. Her s.s. a month gives her most likely one weeks pay that these teachers get. She needs to pay for a healthcare supplement to help what Medicare doesn’t pay. So these teachers wont contribut to healthcare, bull**it. Working conditions, we just built a new highshool , what more do you want? If I don’t like what I am being played. I will look for a better paying job. If I ranted and raved I most likely would loose my job. That’s what you lazy a** teachers need. Oh, by the way class of 82 DHS.

      • I Am Larry Stokes

        41 up votes to your 20 down votes is even more ridiculous. Apparently the comments make sense to everyone else.

  • Larry Stokes

    I am in total support for the Dallas teachers. They are worth everything they are paid and then some. I don’t believe they should be allowed to strike but they need to be paid. I would like to know what you people complaining do for a living. Obviously you are not teachers or law enforcement, because you complainers bitch about them the most. They are the people that deserve to be paid for dealing with society. Maybe you people chose the wrong profession. Wake up

    • El Ma

      Stop typing the same thing on each board, LARRY STOKES.

      These people are not any more valuable than the next person, and they should be easily replaced just like ANY OTHER POSITION.

      You’re living in a fool’s world, Larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry – these people aren’t finding the cure for cancer OR building a transportation device to get human beings to Mars. They’re JUST EDUCATORS, and poor ones, to boot!

      • Bill

        Your about as STUPID as one gets. I believe you would have a problem with any profession, you just like to complain and keep people down. Why don’t more people become professionals and expect more?

      • El Ma

        BILL, it’s not a complaint to call a spade what it is: a spade. If I am “keeping people down,” please, explain how this ability is exercised in an online discussion forum.

        The facts are this: these striking teachers are being paid an average of $6,600 per month. THEY are complaining that they need better wages, free health care, and better working conditions. Please, with your erudite abilities, articulate for all of the commentators on this board, exactly HOW these are reasonable demands. How is it that someone who is earning what amounts to 1/3 of my annual income in a month’s time is entitled to more of MY taxes? Sure, these folks aren’t paid during summer months, but I would love to read how anyone who is making that kind of salary is unable to set aside funds to support themselves for 2 1/2 – 3 months. I would appreciate a rational, educated, and reasonable explanation of why these people deserve any more than the next person.

        And………if you can, do this without the juvenile insults or name-calling. If you can.

      • El Ma

        Oh, and BILL? Just so you are aware, I am a former educator. I opted OUT of that rat race, long ago. I may not be making the same wages, but I was instantly more content after I was able to walk away from the politics, the unions, the restrictions, and the vapid parents and their unrealistic expectations.

    • Lance

      Im all for fair pay for law enforcement and teachers. But they have to pay something towards healthcare. Most Americans do. They can’t expect taxpayers to foot the bill because they don’t want to.

      • Bill

        Maybe people should rise up to not paying for health care as well. I never hear anyone complaining about the people that refuse to work and get FREE healthcare. How about congress getting an entirely different plan that they never pay for???? How about people stop complaining about this situation and look at other problems. (welfare reform, how money gets wasted at local, state and federal levels)

      • I Am Larry Stokes

        BILL, this is one of “those issues” that drains money from localities. Anyone who makes a salary in the neighborhood of 60K, per year, can absolutely and, in every way, afford to pay for their own health insurance. EVEN IF, these people didn’t enjoy a ridiculous group rate of $80 per month, the should STILL be able to afford the $400 per month that everyone else pays.

        The outrage on these boards is just a smattering of the public view on contemporary “teaching careers.” Calm down, sip some tea, watch the birds, and use your little noodle: taxpayers fund education, on every level. Educators want more money? Taxes must be increased to close the deficit. It’s that simple.

    • concerned commuter

      They are paid and very well paid at that. I spent 30 years in the service, during Viet Nam, Panama, Grenada and Desert Storm. I never was paid 80,000 a year and I have to pay for health care. They are simply a very greedy group of people.

  • Jack Irvin

    bad boy union holding your children hostage, no wonder there are so many charter schools and home schooling. Union workers are not necessarily good at their job but still believe they deserve more

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