Driver in I-81 Work Zone Crash Dies

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BENTON TOWNSHIP – A driver involved in a work zone crash in Lackawanna County on Wednesday has died.

The coroner said Roxanne Bush, 31, of Scranton, was driving a car that slammed into the back a contractor's van on Interstate 81.

She died Thursday morning as a result of her injuries.

A worker in the van was taken to a hospital but is expected to be OK.


  • kelseygleason3

    Take a minute and look at this article and look at the things you are saying. Take a minute and realize that this is someone’s family and they are going to read those nasty comments. Before you assume anything, just take a moment and realize that this can happen to anyone and this could have been you or your family. The nasty comments need to end here. Stop pointing fingers and saying she deserved this because no one deserves this at all. To the people who are commenting terrible things about this woman, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You don’t know the whole story and making mean comments isn’t helping the family to grieve. It’s hurtful and at a time like this, the family needs to grieve. Reading the comments on here has me sick to my stomach because whether you like to believe it or not, that could be you, or your family or friends. Things happen and not everyone is innocent. But no one, absolutely no one deserves to die. If you think that, then you need a reality check. Please stop posting your opinions on here and keep them to yourself. The comments should be saying “how terrible, so very sad for the family.” Please keep the nasty comments to yourself. Think of the family and realize this is already hard enough, they don’t need the mean comments on here.

  • Phil Cohen

    I normally wouldn’t comment to these reports on here. First off, if you don’t know the person involved keep your mouth shut. Second, If you want to speak ill-willed about a person or situation know facts before opening your mouth. Thirdly. Maybe you should stop and think what you are about to write. This was a person’s daughter, Aunt, Friend to many. Many of you who comment on this story don’t know anything about her. Understand people are grieving and all you can say was well she was duck-lipped no one cares. Think before you speak or write. To all those who knew and loved Roxanne please let’s stick together. We know that’s what she’d want.

  • Nikki

    No matter what happened the life of an adult is gone, why don’t you all keep your rude comments to yourself.. thoughts and Prayers are with all of Roxanne’ s family..

  • slim

    i witnessed the accident she went flying around me and on her phone so don’t even try to say it wasn’t her fault she was tryin to get around the tractor trailer before the merge point in the construction zone which was posted at 55mph, people really should ignore their phone while their driving. Everyone is worried about the driver what about the construction worker who was thrown from the van. Yeah i don’t give two shits about the dumb broad who decided to put her life and others in danger because she had to use her phone. I say she got what she deserved. You people are pathetic.

    • Ashley

      It shows how much u no bc she wasn’t on her phone the police checked it her phone was touched since 1030 in the morning crash happened at 1130 soo u should be more aware of ur surroundings yo think u seen somthing that u didn’t

    • jessa

      stupid is as stupid does.. really?! this is my aunt keep your damn comments to your self! she had a seizure! know your damn facts!!

      • magicmikexxsm

        jessa sure she has a seizure, must have been drug induced then…31 year old’s don’t usually have seizures..I’ll sick to my original post looking at her phone…until WNEP does a follow up story and lets us know what really happened I’m going with cell phone..,and if is was a seizure as you say caused by a drug addiction that’s even worse, nice aunt you had their……follow in her foot steps end up like her…time for some tough loveJessa….

    • Noneya

      31 year olds usually don’t have seizures? Just that comment alone tells me you’re stupid as shit. I work with a population of adults and 50% have seizure disorders. You’re free to post what you want but don’t spew lies you ignorant idiot.

      • Vanessa

        @Noneya… I have a 17 yr old who has suffered from a seizures disorder for years and also another friend who is 34 who has seizures and it IS NOT DRUG INDUCED and another friend who has seizures caused from a rare disease who just found out what it’s from… Not all people know they have seizure disorders nor do they start at young ages… Nor do they come from drugs… I wish people would stop assuming… A great woman lost a life and her family is grieving and does NOT need negativity!!!!

    • Vanessa

      She had no drugs in her system per the report from the M. E. KNOW YOUR FACTS! Let this family grieve and stop assuming shit. Her phone hadn’t been touched and Roxanne was a fantastic person to all who had the pleasure of knowing her no matter how long or short she was in their lives! Also she was one the smartest people I had the pleasure of knowing!

    • Put the phone down and drive

      Another duck-lipped selfie no less, just like that Ferguson girl that OD’d on heroin. Girls, leave the phones in your purse, please. Seriously, nobody gives a crap about your selfies. They care about you.

  • Vanessa

    I wish more people would have respect and consideration for her family! People keep assuming that she was on her phone or not paying attention, without the facts that YOU DON’T KNOW, you shouldn’t assume! I had the pleasure of knowing Rox for awhile and the truth is a life was lost and a family is grieving… Have some decency people! R. I. P. Fly High Rox, you’ll be missed by many!

    • Ray

      These people are disrespectful scumbags with no life sitting on their lazy asses casting judgement . Roxanne didn’t take her pics while driving ..we actually spent hrs sitting in parked cars talking etc cuz we were so busy working etc the only time we had was breaks in our cars. She was a wonderful person who was full of life and would give the shirt off her back and FYI she may have blacked out due to medical reasons so stfu disrespectful keyboard warriors

      • Put the phone down and drive

        ‘Might have blacked out’ – now who’s making assumptions? A 31 year young nursing student? You spent HOURS sitting in cars but were SO busy… C’mon Ray, cut us a break.

    • Kimberly A Clifford

      U kno her family sees this u don’t kno the facts bout the accident so maybe u should pray for her family. Cuz she never sped I have driving wit her before she didn’t even talk or text on her phone when she was driving… She was starting school as a nurse

    • Inconsiderate jerks

      She was doin 60 the car went under the van that’s y there’s so much damage to her car and not much done to the van tox screen came back she had nothing in her system she wasn’t feeling well that day just left work from a 12 hr shift police think she may have drifted off she was alert when them got her out of her car it was once they started to worry about her legs everything went bad …so b4 u jump to conclusions or run ur mouth just think if this was o e of ur family members and someone said the shit ur saying how would u feel when it’s not the truth whenever the case my be a young lovely lady lost her life and for the duck lips that was her trade mark and what everyone knew her by

  • I see it coming....

    Pretty soon PennDOT won’t even establish workzones for us to drive through. They’ll just simply route traffic off the ramp and back on 20 miles later after navigating an hour of small towns and back roads. You watch and see. I guess we can’t blame them, we have absolutely loss their trust in us being responsible drivers.

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