YouTube Videos Show Threats to School

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RENOVO -- Threats of a school shooting in one part of Clinton County leave parents and students upset and scared.

Some parents in Renovo tell Newswatch 16 they kept their kids home from school on Wednesday because of it.

State police arrested Shawn Lovett, 19, of Renovo, after he posted disturbing videos on YouTube. The videos are graphic and Lovett discusses shooting young children at Renovo Elementary School.

Rhonda Gentzyel likes living in Renovo because she thinks it is quiet. But it was not quiet last night when state police arrested Lovett a few blocks away from her house.

"Threatening the Renovo Elementary School kids, taking automatic weapons, very gory details about what he wanted to do to these children," Gentzyel said.

Quite a few parents in Renovo saw the videos on YouTube and contacted police and the Keystone Central School District.

"You never know and there are a lot of parents worried. You don't know what's going to happen," said Shelby Craft.

All of the parents we spoke with kept their elementary school children home. Parents are also angry about the way officials at the Keystone Central School District handled the situation.

"That school should have been closed," said Nichole Snyder. "I'm not mentioning any teacher's names but they feel it should have been closed. They didn't even send their children."

The district's superintendent tells Newswatch 16 the school is open because Lovett is in jail.

Parents want their children safe but also want to see Lovett get help.

"I don't think he meant what he said. I think it's an outcry for some help. His parents are good and I believe they'll get the help he needs," said Snyder.

"Look what happened in Columbine and the other school shootings. All they wanted was attention but people got killed," Gentzyel added.

Shawn Lovett faces a felony charge of making terroristic threats. He is locked up at the Clinton County Jail.


  • El Ma

    This kid needs to get involved in some counseling therapy along with the entire family being involved in family therapy. When a young person goes off like this, there’s something amiss, and it’s not so much a “duh” moment, but one that should make people sit back and wonder what could be so wretched in this kid’s mind to make him post something like this, in the first place.

  • Some Guy

    ” ‘Look what happened in Columbine and the other school shootings. All they wanted was attention but people got killed,’ Gentzyel added.”
    Are you kidding me?

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