Zoning Board Rules Against Little League Lights

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GLENBURN TOWNSHIP -- A township zoning board ruled against the installation of lights at a Little League baseball field in Lackawanna County.

Abington Little League presented its plans at last month's meeting in Glenburn Township to put up lights at Ackerly Field.

Some neighbors were against the idea, fearing the lights would bring more traffic and problems.

Wednesday night, the zoning board voted against the lights.

The president of Abington Little League tells Newswatch 16 he plans to appeal the decision.

"The Abington Little League is obviously disappointed in the vote tonight. I appreciate all of the support from the players and their families in the league and in the Abington community. I'm am honored to lead this debate on their behalf. We will wait for the written decision to be published, and will then continue to appeal in the courts," said Ryan Mitvalsky, President of Abington Little League.


  • Fredric

    NIMBY and extremely shameful.
    Fact: Lights scare away problems.
    Fact: This is petty local politics here.
    Fact: This rejection was done before the meeting.
    My guess: a friend of some one now has greedy designs on these 30 acres. Therefore the kids can’t play. I remember when any lot was good enough to play ball but now zoning board dictates and police enforce.
    Americans used to be GREAT. They all got scared.

    • typical liberal dope

      absolutely, and the same neighborhood dopes probably bought the houses to be next to the ball fields for “open space”

  • vicki mitvalsky

    Way to go Glenburn Township. You just proved that small town living is certainly not what it used to be. You are now known as the little town with no heart run by a few selfish, narrow minded individuals. Perhaps some of the zoning board members have been on the board too long and have lost sight of what is legal and fair for the WHOLE community and not just a select few. Maybe it’s time to “drain the swamp” in Glenburn township??

  • Gerard

    Facts…the league owns 30 acres of commercial land, they cleaned up the property which boarders a toxic spill, and they maintain one of the best baseball parks around. They are surrounded completely by trees! The Township of Glenburn will be sorely mistaken for this decision. Now the Township, instead of improving their own community, will pay for lawyers when the League wins on appeal. Real winners running that township!

  • Malcolm

    For those not following along, this league is fully self funded, with NO tax payer money! A league with 700 kids that owns its own land!! Look on google maps and see just how secluded this field is! The Glenburn Township officials should be ashamed of themselves. And from what I hear…the Township does not have its own park to speak of! Couple of hillbillies trying to flex their ignorance at the expense of kids. And this all happened while a town like Williamsport had a parade to celebrate and invite these kids into their town!!!

  • Support Little League

    As a Little League officer and coach in a neighboring Little League organization, it is extremely disappointing that Abington LL was denied zoning for lights at Acker field. It is such a beautiful facility. I’m sure Abington LL is trying to address concerns that they have to start the season later in the year and finish earlier in the fall due to daylight issues. I have coached fall games at the field that have been difficult to get to on time because weekday games have to be started so early in order to get at complete game in. Come on people! It’s for the kids! The people against the lights would be kind of people to complain neighborhood children are up to no good. The increased traffic does not make much sense.

  • Are you serious

    What is wrong with you snobby Clarks Summit people? Ackerly field is in an isolated area and will not affect your life in any way! Is it not a good thing that the kids would be playing baseball at night and keeping them out of trouble. I don’t get it!!

    • David Abel

      I know you are trying to support us, but the snobby Clarks Summit comment is unnecessary and inaccurate. Make not mistake, this is Glenburn Township that is opposing this. Clarks Summit is 100% behind this cause.

    • Bob Smith

      City bunch of excuses! I’m wondering how much do individual lights cost? And how much do Parks and Recreation have in bank account balance?

      • E.M. Jones

        The Little League families had fundraisers and saved money for the lights. No tax money was going to be used.

  • Bob Smith

    I don’t believe! Putting up light that would cause traffic and problems?!?!? That’s a negative thing to say! I’ve seen Stadium lights everywhere in America without any gripes! And I suspect that the city doesn’t have any money either.

    • Are you serious

      Oh no!! They have lots of money in Clarks Summit, PA! It’s just a matter of the shallow, wealthy folk being selfish as usual!!

      • Jack Mehoff

        Does it say Clarks Summit Zoning Board. I must have read it wrong. Where does it say that the Little League is asking for assistance financially? Contrary to your statement “They have lots of money in Clarks Summit”, I, along with many of my friends and neighbors here, work 60 hours a week scratching our asses to pay our bills. Contrary to your statement the “shallow;wealth folk being selfish” ,,,we were just able to give well over $10.000 dollars to a volunteer firefighter up here that needs assistance with his Cancer treatment expenses,,it ALL came from donations, Damm these selfish contributors.

      • Bob Smith

        Did you say Clarks Summit? Well, I’m new to Scranton from Texas where, we have lot of baseball fields, football, tennis, you name it. No matter what city size that provide lot of lighting. I don’t believe that board of zoning… Their problem is money. Wealthy people can be conversational.
        Does the field is surrounded in wooden lot with trees? How many yards to Interstate 81?
        How many yards to a quiet street? The lights operate DIRECTLY at the baseball field. Not to streets or major highways. Neither at residential area. Light might shut off around 9:30 when a last person leaves. What’s the harm? I still don’t believe that cockamamie Clark Summit zoning board Period!

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