Boy or Girl? New Addition at Pocono Snake and Animal Farm

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Take a close look at Abby the Wallaby. There is some precious cargo moving around in her pouch. And if you are quiet enough, it might just poke its head out.

But the big question on the minds of visitors at Pocono Snake and Animal Farm near East Stroudsburg: is it a boy or a girl?

"I don't know. I am kind of feeling a boy, but I'm just guessing. I'm feeling a boy," said Colleen Ross of Mountain Top.

"Personally, I think that it is going to be a girl," said Mason Petzold of Mountain Top.

Keepers at the animal farm tell Newswatch 16, the joey poked its head out of Abby's pouch last month. Wallaby babies stay in that pouch for about six to seven months.

Since that first appearance, a lot of people have been coming to see when he or she will make a debut.

"Yeah, it's the big surprise. The baby is now popping her head out or his head out, but we don't know if it's male or female yet so everyone is waiting," said Jon Lowris with Pocono Snake and Animal Farm.

Because mom does a lot of resting, you might not catch a glimpse of the baby just yet. Animal keepers tell Newswatch 16 in about a month or two, he or she will be jumping around for everyone to see.

A family from Mountain Top in Luzerne County came to see the animals. They say waiting for this baby wallaby reminds them of the long wait for April the Giraffe to have her baby at a zoo near Binghamton.

"Yeah, yeah just waiting. It's cool, I mean what will it be you can just guess," said Ross.

"I think it's really awesome to see, especially for the kids. It's a good learning experience because it's something you don't see every day," said Maureen Petzold of Mountain Top.

The Pocono Snake and Animal Farm in Smithfield Township is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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