Remembering Victims of Deadly Back Mountain Crash

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Flowers lay alongside debris in the spot where two young people were killed in a crash on Kunkle Road near Harveys Lake.

Their car collided with a tree just before 5 p.m. Saturday.

Neighbor Joseph Konnick can't shake the memory of seeing the car swerve on the wet road before slamming sideways into a tree, leaving the car crushed.

Officials say Ashley Hungarter, 18, of Harveys Lake and Bryce Wilhelm, 20, of Hunlock Creek were dead at the scene.

Neighbors say after the first responders left the scene, they stood at the spot and prayed.

At Grotto Pizza where Hungarter used to work, colleagues were heartbroken about the loss of the 18-year-old woman they say supported her disabled mother.

"She was a sweet kid. She was a really, really hard worker. Everybody respected her because she did work so hard. When she started to work, she would take things under control and she treated everybody with respect," said Janet Baker of Dallas.

Friends remember Wilhelm as a sweet and easy-going guy who was exceptionally generous.

Konnick said neighbors do what they can to make the road safer, cutting back grass and bushes. The retired high school science teacher says it's tough to see young lives end so suddenly.

"It's a loss. It's a loss for their communities. It's a loss for their families, and it's not the sort of thing you can make up," Konnick said.

Neighbors say the road has been especially busy this summer due to road construction in the area.


  • Becca Kobal

    I personally don’t know what caused the accident…..but I don’t care if they were speeding… or texting… or simply lost control of the vehicle. Two amazing young people are dead. So disrespectful to be on here assuming you know what happened or assuming they were speeding. Clearly it wasn’t meant to happen it was an ACCIDENT. Now let them Rest In Peace.

    • concerned father

      I respectfully have to disagree with you Becca. We DO need to talk about the cause or causes of this crash. (not accident, accidents are something that’s unpreventable) By discussing the cause or causes, we perhaps can prevent future crashes like this one. I just had a talk with my daughter today concerning driving to fast on wet roads with bald tires. Perhaps I have saved her life in the near future.

    • Wrong, my dear

      You say it was an accident like it just happened all by itself without any contributing factors. Your flippant attitude saying you don’t care if it was caused by speeding or texting, and then saying ‘it was an accident’ is part of the problem. I’m guessing you’re a younger person so please accept this advice: The largest number motor vehicle accidents can be prevented by following the rules of the road, period. I have children that drive and before too long, grandchildren will be on the roads. Slow down, both hands on the wheel, good tires, pay attention, don’t drive impaired. It’s not that difficult.

    • Gojo in my palm

      Technically it was a car crash. I they both had their pants down, that’s an accident.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Wow look at that car , these two must have been going like a bat out of hell…..I have not seen a car that destroyed in a long time from an accident…….amazing…

  • Bill K

    Let me guess. Another completely preventable accident caused by people who think they’re Dale Earnhardt Jr. Please, slow down and obey the speed limit. I don’t care how “good a driver” you think you are. You’re not. Please obey the speed limit signs like everyone else has to. Maybe you’ll live another day.

      • He's right, you know?

        Doesn’t matter if he knows all the facts or not. What he says is true – if you obey they speed limits, don’t drive drunk or distracted, keep your car well maintained with decent tires, drive defensively, and slow down when conditions warrant-chances are very good that you won’t be involved in a collision. What a waste of young lives.

      • Bill K.

        Irish, no I don’t know all the facts. But I do know that if a car hits a tree with such force that the tree is basically in the passenger’s seat that car had to be traveling well in excess of the speed limit.

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