Accused Sheriff’s Deputy Off the Job

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SCRANTON — A Lackawanna County sheriff’s deputy accused of beating his girlfriend no longer has his badge.

Jerome Passariello from Scranton was charged earlier this month with aggravated assault and other charges.

Passariello is accused of punching and strangling the woman while she was driving.

We learned Wednesday that Passariello is no longer employed by the Lackawanna County sheriff’s office.


  • Mike Suxalotski

    Awesome job my fellow demorats! Jerome and Haggerty make us Scrantonians proud. Now they can get married in jail. Once you allow unborn babies to be killed, actions like this mean nothing.

    • Writer Girl

      Abusers are now learning that what they do in relationships now has consequences in real life, i.e. your livelihood. Maybe that’s how it should be. Anyone who has such anger issues that they would punch, strangle and assault someone while driving, can be a menace at any job, let alone in law enforcement. Lackawanna County probably did itself a favor by being proactive in this case. Personally, it’s sad for me to see such violence from a young, attractive Italian (I think). I hope he can work through his issues for his sake and society’s or at least for any future women/family he might have.

      • Tina Rossi Rotten Crotch

        Personally, I don’t think you can think! You are something special. What does race have to do with his violent acts? You should be sad for all violent acts against women. You are a dolt! BTW: He looks more Latino than italian and I am sure his prison buddies will think he is attractive too.

  • Chances are

    Chances are – if someone is from Luzerne or Lackawanna County, and their last name ends in a vowel, you’re going to see them in the news and then in jail. Just sayin’.

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