Damaged Steeple Finally Removed After Storm

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- With a little pull, the steeple that has been resting on top of St. Martin of Tours Parish since 1990 was removed in Jackson Township near New Milford. Monday’s damaging winds left the steeple in bad shape. Father David Cramer was concerned for the safety of the church and its members.

“It's sad to see it go, but I am glad we didn't have any damage done and nobody got hurt, so we are happy for that,” said Fr. Cramer.

Crews from Scranton were working against the weather but found a window to safely take the steeple down. The cross at the top of the steeple came down first and was handed off to one of the members. The crane then removed the steeple made out of fiberglass and steel weighing about 3,000 pounds.

St. Martin of Tours Parish was first built in 1941. Earlier this week, the steeple could be seen swaying a couple inches from the wind and was sitting on a slant.

“I came out to look and I saw it was just titled and then with talks with Father and other people, we had to take it down,” said Betsy Supancik of Gibson Township.

Victoria Mulligan of Montrose remembers when the steeple was first constructed and wanted to be there as it came down.

“It is a beautiful church and a beautiful area countryside and just to see it coming down is sad this morning but we know with God's grace and the people's help we will be putting up a new one,” said Victoria Mulligan, a pastoral associate.

Mass has been canceled for this week. The church is hoping to rebuild a new steeple by this summer.


  • Johsua

    Instead of spending money to have another one built, why not use the same money to help those less fortunate?

  • magicmikexxsm

    You know, if you put that on a truck have it drive slow down the street, get 20 people to run after it, then we can call it a Steeple Chase, yuk,yuk, yuk, lol……

  • Litter Me Pickum

    I used to attend a church that had to remove their steeple, just the box part remained. The story goes that it was interfering with radio waves. It’s what inside not outside that counts.

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