Crosscutters Baseball Field Gets Upgrade Thanks to MLB

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WILLIAMSPORT -- It's BB&T Ball Park at Historic Bowman Field like you've never seen it before -- a big pile of dirt.

"They tore everything up they are redoing everything. I heard they said they moved the fence back, I think, too,” said Mike Bausinger.

Bowman Field is getting an upgrade thanks in part to Major League Baseball. The organization shelled out about $1.5 million so the field used by the Williamsport Crosscutters will be ready for its Major League debut this summer.

The Cardinals and Pirates will play at Bowman Field during the Little League World Series at Bowman Field.

"Some of it is for the MLB Little League Classic, other parts are because we've been dying to upgrade this stadium," said Gabe Sinicropi.

Construction workers are not just working on the field. They're also digging out a new dugout. That work is being paid for with about $2 million in state grant money. The grant also covers the cost of new seats and new protective netting.

"There are things being taken out of this stadium that were virtually original, so a lot of memories coming out of this stadium," said Sinicropi.

For the past nine decades, there has been general admission at the ballpark, but that will all change once bleachers are replaced with reserved seats.

"The new seats that will be there are going to be wider. They're going to be bigger seats. The aisles are going to be bigger," said Sinicropi.

"It was rough getting up after an hour, couple hours, after a game. You need something a little more comfortable and then you might get more people because the seats are more comfortable and it's enjoyable," said Bausinger.

In all, the renovations will cost around $3 million. The folks we spoke with tell us everything will be ready for the first Crosscutters game of the season in late June.

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