Woman to Face Trial on Homicide, Assault Charges

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WELLSBORO -- Debra Lockett of Morris walked into the Tioga County Courthouse in Wellsboro to face a hearing on a long list of charges, including criminal homicide. Investigators say Lockett killed Oliver Litzelman, 82, last September, and assaulted his wife Edwina.

Investigators say Lockett went to the Litzelman's home in Liberty Township in September of 2013 pretending to be a family member.

At the preliminary hearing, Edwina Litzelman, 82, faced Lockett for the first time since the attack. She testified that Lockett had demanded money.

According to Litzelman, she watched Lockett shoot and kill her husband when he refused to hand over any cash. Litzelman told the judge that she was also shot and stabbed by Lockett.

Litzelman testified that Debra Lockett told her, "I'm not going to kill you, honey."

Then she allegedly pulled the phone cord from the wall and left. A state trooper testified that Debra Lockett's DNA was found on Oliver Litzelman's pants where his wallet was.

The judge ruled there is enough evidence to send Lockett to trial on all the charges against her.


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