Elderly Couple Brutally Attacked

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LIBERTY TOWNSHIP -- New details are emerging of an attack on an unsuspecting elderly couple at their home in Tioga County.

State police believe someone attacked the elderly couple at their home near the Tioga-Lycoming County line Friday.

They were not discovered until two days later.

Investigators spent Sunday and Monday gathering forensic evidence from the home of Oliver and Edwina Litzelman, according to a search warrant obtained Wednesday.

The Litzelmans got a visitor Friday who was after money and did not leave until Oliver Litzelman, 83, was dead and his wife of more than 60 years was severely beaten and left for dead, according to court papers.

State troopers scoured the brush along Route 414 outside Liberty in Tioga County, looking for evidence.

Not far away, the home of Oliver and Edwina Litzelman, the scene of a brutal attack Friday. The couple's daughter found them Sunday.

"She was stabbed in the back of the neck, they beat her so bad she bled so bad," said Rolan Litzelman.

Litzelman's older brother, Oliver, died after state police said a woman posing as a family member, shot him inside the family home.

Edwina survived and is being treated at the hospital and told investigators the woman wanted to know about the couple's safe deposit box, and demanded to look at their checkbook.

Oliver Litzelman stepped-in and the woman shot him. His wife turned over some money and the woman left, but not before pulling the phone cord from the wall, said court papers.

Rolan said he's handling the whole thing as well as can be expected. He and his brother were among 16 children in the family. Oliver worked as a log cutter and his brother says he took mighty good care of the family home.

"One day they have everything, and the next day it's gone. She's not going to come back here to live. She don't want to," said Rolan Litzelman.

State police were at the Litzelman home Monday and have not said if they are any closer to finding whoever attacked the couple.

As for Rolan Litzelman, he's after justice more than answers right now.

"I don't know what to say about her, I hope they get her. That's the main thing."

At last check, Edwina Litzelman is in serious condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville..

State police would like anyone with information about the attack near Liberty to call them in Tioga County.