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New Homes Needed for Pups

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DYBERRY TOWNSHIP -- About 50 puppies taken out of a house in Wayne County just a couple of months ago are now looking for a happy home while the dogs’ former owner is now guilty of animal abuse.

Humane officers tell us the puppies taken from a home in Waymart in September were living in deplorable conditions.  About 10 dogs were dead inside the home in Wayne County and many others had a skin condition and had no hair.

But now just about two months later, it’s a much different story.

Barking and tails wagging, the pups in Wayne County have been through a lot.

The more than 50 dogs all were taken from filth in this home in Waymart last September.   Donna Kreider lives across the street from where the neglect happened and watched as humane officers caged the animals up and took them to nearby shelters.

"You know, it was off the wall. I mean I never expected to have them pull 55, 57 puppies out that place,” said Kreider.

Kreider and other neighbors couldn’t believe this abuse was happening so close to home.

"I stood out there crying for a bit because they really had cute faces on them,” said Kreider.

Most of the more than 50 pups came to the Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale with a skin infestation.  Shelter Operations Manager Debbie Moore says workers have been treating the skin with medicine, shampoos and more.

"Even Skin So Soft, whatever we could do to give these animals some relief they were just scratching themselves up they were itchy,” said Moore.

But now they’re feeling pretty ‘doggone’ good.

"You can see these dogs have a whole new attitude towards themselves, they`re looking good and they`re feeling good,” said Moore.

Workers at the shelter here say now  that all of these pups barking up a storm are back in good health, all they need is a happy home.

Amanda Zitzelman is helping to take in online applications for the dozens of dogs and says she’s looking forward to finding them all a new place to bark about.

"It`s heartwarming, it`s absolutely wonderful to see a family happy with their new puppy,” said Zitzelman.

Applications are already coming in and even some of the dog’s old neighbors may come to the rescue.

"We`re going to be looking into getting a dog and a cat I do believe so you never can tell, I might just go down there and check it out,” said Kreider.

The dogs’ former owners Keith Stoddard has pleaded guilty to eight counts of animal cruelty, while his brother Larry also pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty.

Anyone wanting to adopt a puppy can contact the Dessin Animal Shelter.