Rescued Dogs in Shelter, Foster Care

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WAYMART-- Hours after 55 dogs were removed from a house on Belmont Turnpike, a number of the animals appeared to be doing well at the Dessin Animal Shelter. Others have more serious medical issues including skin problems and malnutrition. Of the animals that were removed from the home early Saturday after a neighbor reported barking, ten were either dead or dying and could not be saved.

Many neighbors say they had no idea what was going on inside the home.

Matthew Lawler often visits his grandmother who lives across the street from the home where the dogs were found. He says,"I'm here all the time,I have never seen any of them out."

Shelter volunteer Kristen Anderson says she got the call to help at the scene.

"It was overwhelming, the gentleman obviously loved his dogs but was very overwhelmed with the amount of dogs and it was getting tough on him," she says.

The shelter is asking for donations of money or gift cards to help purchase medicine, shampoo, and special food the dogs will need to get healthy.

21 of the dogs including the puppies, some just hours old, are already in foster care. The healthier animals may be ready for adoption in one to two weeks.

Anderson says,"Once they are checked by the vet, spayed and neutered, they are all within good temperment, so I think it won't be too long before they can go home."

Anderson is fostering 8 pups including 3 month old "Curly", who has captured her heart with a unique appearance.

Investigators expect charges to be filed against the owner in the coming days. He could face 10 misdemeanor counts of Animal Cruelty, one for each of the dogs that died, and dozens of other summary charges including Operating a Kennel Without a License.