Third Person Charged After Toddler Gets Cut With Knife

DUNMORE — A mother, recorded on a prison phone call to her incarcerated son, is also in trouble in Lackawanna County.

Authorities say Vita Forgione admits hiding a knife and cleaning blood-stained bed sheets.

Police in Dunmore arrested Forgione’s son James last week.

They believe James Forgione cut a gash in a toddler’s back.

The toddler’s mother, Sherrise Zanardi, faces charges for failing to get her two-year-old daughter to a hospital.

The child told a case worker in Lackawanna County her mother’s boyfriend hurt her when she was bad.


  • ihateeffingidiots

    Way to go moms great job protecting your young…bears put you to shame…not saying much for you “humans.”

  • Cindy

    All 3 need to spend some serious time in jail and that child never see any of them again they are scumbags

  • JP

    Isn’t it nice how mom wanted to spend mother’s day with her son. Three more pieces of crap the tax payers will have to take care of.

  • think positive

    Three adults, one child, and no protection for the child. Sad is an understated word here. What chance does a child like this even have in the world if it’s not removed from this these incompetent, mentally deranged adults.

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