Parents Of Beating Victim Relieved By Arrests

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HAZLETON -- A second man was arrested Tuesday on charges connected to a brutal beating in Hazleton last year.

Ever since the attack in March of 2013, the victim's parents have been pleading for justice.

The parents of beating victim A.J. Goryl say they're relieved that now, not one, but two arrests have been made in their son's case.

They say their son still has a long road to recovery but now with these arrests they too can start to move forward.

Roberto Plasencia, 30, of Hazleton kept quiet while entering a magistrate's office near Hazleton.

He is the second man to be arrested in connection with last year's beating of A.J. Goryl.

"We're delighted. It's been 18 months, and now they're finally caught," said the victim's father Andrew Goryl.

It's a relief for Goryl's parents Andrew and Carol and for prosecutors.

According to court papers, witnesses said that Ronald Tavarez, who was arrested Friday, beat Goryl near 5th Street and Lafayette Court in Hazleton.

Police believe Roberto Plasencia then helped drag the victim down the street and left him there.

Now Plasencia joins Tavarez in jail, charged with recklessly endangering another person, tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

Investigators and Goryl's parents are still trying to figure out why this happened.

"The other day, he was reading the paper, and I asked him if he knew who these guys were. He said he had no idea," Andrew Goryl said.

Authorities say they don't believe the suspects and Goryl knew each other.

Andrew and Carol Goryl say their son's health is improving.

"It's been excellent. We've gotten so many prayers and cards from day one, and it's still going on," said Carol Goryl.

Now they're looking ahead, hoping their son will be able to come home soon.

We asked them if they would ever accept an apology from the suspects.

"What good is an apology? Our son's life is ruined forever, and ours is, too. What could they say to change our minds? Nothing," Andrew said.

Plasencia and Tavarez are now both locked up in Luzerne County.

A.J. Goryl is in a rehab center in Scranton but is talking and has taken a few steps. His parents hope to move him to a facility in Luzerne County soon.


  • ME2

    Was this a random beating? If so, sue the bums! Also, since it seems to be two Hispanics against a white guy, see if you can get this tried as a hate crime.

  • Me

    Hazleton is such a low life ghetto. No police protection. Mayor only worried about parking spaces for his Latino residents

    Town could burn to hell and nobody would care

    Quigley and the politicians ruined this city and the people that belong here are turning into victims on a DAILY basis. State police never come here to step in.
    It’s a ghetto run by drug dealers. And it’s a lost cause anymore. We need the national guard here immediately to get these illegals the hell out of here.

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