Niece Charged In Beating Death Of Aunt

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- A niece is now charged with homicide. Investigators accuse her of beating her aunt to death.

Homicide charges were filed Thursday morning in Luzerne County against Isis Brown.

Authorities say she assaulted her elderly aunt. Dorothy Koreny, 78, later died in the hospital, and the attack was caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera.

It happened on Solomon Street in Hanover Township in March.

These new charges come nearly five months after Dorothy Koreny died.

Brown was arraigned on homicide charges Thursday morning. She has been locked since March 28 when she was first arrested on assault charges.

"Isis, do you regret doing this to your aunt?"

Isis Brown quietly got in the back seat of a police cruiser after she was arraigned on homicide charges at a magistrate's office in Hanover Township.

Police say most of their evidence was caught on camera.

In March, Brown was recorded throwing items at the head of her 78-year-old aunt as Dorothy Koreny was lying on the ground outside her home on Solomon Street.

Koreny was hospitalized with serious head injuries from attack and detectives say she died in the hospital 10 days later.

"The whole episode was sad but I'm kind of glad it's over now, put it behind us."

Part of the attack and Brown's encounter with police was caught on Sheldon Arnold's home security camera.

"You see the car still there? That's her car. It sort of breaks your heart to know that she's gone now. But we're trying, moving on," Arnold said.

According to court papers, an EMT was one of the last people to talk with Dorothy Koreny. She told the EMT that her niece pushed her over the railing and tried to kill her.

"Thank God she's finally getting charged."

Mary Anne Revit lives a few doors down from Koreny's home. Revit says she's relieved that more charges have been filed but she says Koreny's relatives are still struggling with the loss.

"She's even afraid to try selling the house because she says 'who is going to buy the house, knowing that there was a murder committed here?'"

Even with the interviews from neighbors and paramedics, and that surveillance video, authorities say they still don't know why Isis Brown allegedly attacked her aunt.

Brown is now locked up without bail.


  • domari nolo

    Americas chickens are coming home to roost!!!! violence begets violence terrorism begets terrorism you reap what you sow….We have become terrorists overseas spilling innocent blood while a small group profit from the war machine. SO guess what welcome Satan to the once great AMERIKA…Wake up!!!!

  • Zack Forester

    Comments here are a disgusting as the crime: a request for the death penalty for mental illness, suspension of due process, public execution, and cruel and unusual punishment. Seems more like Iran or North Korea would be a better country for you people to live in.

    • tina

      You say that but believe me your feelings would change if that was your mother, aunt, sister etc. I have no sympathy for this woman.

      • Zack Forester

        No, my feelings would not change if that was my mother, aunt, or sister. I would be very angry but I would still know that it was the illness that caused this person to act that way and not a conscious decision on her part to commit murder. That’s why we don’t put the mentally ill to death and why we don’t house them in state institutions anymore unless they’re violent. If that is up your alley, then I suggest you get on the first plane to another country that supports that kind of backwards thinking.

      • tina

        I don’t believe my thinking is backwards. I believe their are people who have mental illness who need to be institutionalized so they take their meds and get the treatment they need but in this case I don’t believe she is a person who is mentally ill. Whatever happens to her happens but to use mental illness as an excuse is just that an excuse. It’s the same thing that she didn’t know what she was doing because of drugs. Is that supposed to be OK or a lesser punishment because she chose drugs. What about justice for the little old lady? Where does she get justice in your world? ??

  • tina

    Every time someone does something horrible it’s either drugs, mental illness or the person was abused as a child. When does the system stand up for the victims??? I’ve had bad things happen in my life and I don’t go murdering people because of it…it’s a cop out . Justice needs to be served and give this woman the death penalty. She has no regard for human life so why should we have any for hers!!

  • mike

    Wow what type of lowlife does this.wish it was an eye for a eye. Wondering what took so long for her to be charged. It’s obvious she did it.why even give her a trial. Waste of money and time.I’m thinking it was over drug anyway she probably was stealing from her aunt.

  • I ♥ Jenna

    It’s a fact that she posses a danger to the community but she is not the monster that I’m sure she will be represented as in comments here. She has serious mental problems that hopefully will be addressed to at least keep her inner demons in check.

    • JP

      What difference should it make if she has mental problems, she still caused the death of another person. Let alone a family member by throwing stuff at her HEAD. A person with some mental deficiency or reduced capacity should not be able to use that as a legitimate reason to KILL someone else. She did and should be held accountable to the greatest extent of the law, which is too lenient in my opinion.

    • Jen

      Oddly enough, this is the second person I know [personally] to be convicted of a crime in the past week. Isis lived nearby when we were in elementary school, she was a few years older, but her sister and I were in the same class. I looked up to Isis as a kid because she wore her hair in this long beautiful blonde braid, was named after an Egyptian goddess, knew how to make cool friendship bracelets, had an awesome Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, and could hold baby snakes without freaking out. I thought that was so rad because I was terrified of snakes, and she seemed so brave to me then. She and her sister moved away when their parents divorced – her dad was a war veteran and a cool guy, but maybe kind of nuts. I just remember riding my bike past their old house after they left and he had let the weeds grow really tall in the front yard and kind of let the place go. The aluminum swing set rusting in the back yard always made me sad, made me miss them.

  • JP

    If the authorities are taking volunteers to throw things at this woman’s (used loosely) head, where do I sign up?? I hope the judge is a woman along with all the jurors and they really throw something at her, like the death penalty. And not take 20 years to carry it out.

    • WTF!

      I wish I was her neighbor and had witnessed this. This makes me so mad. I lost my mom when she was only 49. I would have given anything to have been able to watch her grow old and take care of her. This monster needs to die from blunt force trauma to the head. There should be no tolerance for elderly abuse (children too). This poor frail old lady suffered terribly at the hands of a family member. Alone, on the ground in the rain, bleeding, suffering in horrible pain and then she dies. I can only hope Karma comes back two fold. I can also only hope this woman didn’t die alone with her last memory wasn’t being beat by this witch! RIP Dorothy…you’re in a better place now. and may your niece rot for eternity.

    • dr jones

      Haters hate, nothing new. Just because you can’t see mental illness does not mean it doesn’t exist.

      • JP

        Of course mental illness does exist, but it shouldn’t be used as a reason not to be held accountable for your actions. If someone kills your mother or other family member and claims mental illness, all is OK then? Your loved one is still dead, just the same. And this clearly was no accident!

      • dr jones

        No one is saying she shouldn’t be held accountable JP. I doubt she’ll ever see the light of day again. I was speaking as to motive and her mental well being, or lack thereof. But if it comforts you to think she has a black heart and is not tortured by inner demons, so be it.

      • Jen

        I agree. Its absolutely horrible what she did, and mental illness is not a valid excuse to withhold accountability. Its just been kind of a revelation for me, because if I had never met her, my thoughts would have been equitable to those of the “haters”, but now I’m just wondering what happened in her life that turned her into the kind of person capable of doing something like this. Its so easy to forget to see the humanity in someone when you read about their crimes because the information your exposed to only highlights the worst parts of them. And not like my memories of going to her house as an 8 year old contain solid character information, just stupid material things you remember as a kid, but enough to recognize that she is a person, not a monster, who obviously struggled with some things in her life.

      • JP

        Dr Jones, it just aggravates me to think that some lawyer will use “mental illness” as an excuse so she can get psych help and only serve 5 yrs or some other ridiculous term for killing someone. Many people out there have had a life just as rough as this woman or are dealing with more issues, but would never do this. That’s all, and I am not a “hater” but I am tired of the pacifist attitude that some people have and just seem to have the “oh well, you know there is something wrong with her/him.”

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