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Niece Charged In Beating Death Of Aunt

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A niece is now charged with homicide. Investigators accuse her of beating her aunt to death.

Homicide charges were filed Thursday morning in Luzerne County against Isis Brown.

Authorities say she assaulted her elderly aunt. Dorothy Koreny, 78, later died in the hospital, and the attack was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

It happened on Solomon Street in Hanover Township in March.

These new charges come nearly five months after Dorothy Koreny died.

Brown was arraigned on homicide charges Thursday morning. She has been locked since March 28 when she was first arrested on assault charges.

“Isis, do you regret doing this to your aunt?”

Isis Brown quietly got in the back seat of a police cruiser after she was arraigned on homicide charges at a magistrate’s office in Hanover Township.

Police say most of their evidence was caught on camera.

In March, Brown was recorded throwing items at the head of her 78-year-old aunt as Dorothy Koreny was lying on the ground outside her home on Solomon Street.

Koreny was hospitalized with serious head injuries from attack and detectives say she died in the hospital 10 days later.

“The whole episode was sad but I’m kind of glad it’s over now, put it behind us.”

Part of the attack and Brown’s encounter with police was caught on Sheldon Arnold’s home security camera.

“You see the car still there? That’s her car. It sort of breaks your heart to know that she’s gone now. But we’re trying, moving on,” Arnold said.

According to court papers, an EMT was one of the last people to talk with Dorothy Koreny. She told the EMT that her niece pushed her over the railing and tried to kill her.

“Thank God she’s finally getting charged.”

Mary Anne Revit lives a few doors down from Koreny’s home. Revit says she’s relieved that more charges have been filed but she says Koreny’s relatives are still struggling with the loss.

“She’s even afraid to try selling the house because she says ‘who is going to buy the house, knowing that there was a murder committed here?'”

Even with the interviews from neighbors and paramedics, and that surveillance video, authorities say they still don’t know why Isis Brown allegedly attacked her aunt.

Brown is now locked up without bail.


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