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Woman In Custody After Alleged Assault On Elderly Relative

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — An elderly woman is in the hospital and another woman is in custody after a domestic dispute in Luzerne County.

It happened around 7 a.m. Friday outside a home on Solomon Street in Hanover Township.

Police say when they arrived at the scene, an elderly woman was on the ground with severe head injuries.

They say a younger woman came out of the home with a glass tray in her hands.  When police told her to put the tray down, she threw it at the officers.

Police say they were forced to use a stun gun to incapacitate the woman. She is now in custody.

There are still a lot of questions about how that woman ended up on the ground and why her niece allegedly attacked her Friday morning.

isis brown walk

Isis Brown

Isis Brown, 34, of Hanover Township is locked up.

Hanover Township police say the assault was recorded on a neighbor’s security camera.

The video is grainy and difficult to watch.

Court documents say surveillance video shows Isis Brown going in and out of the home near Wilkes-Barre, dropping and throwing things onto her 78-year-old aunt who is lying on the ground behind the bushes.

“She was laying out there, probably from about 5:30 on until the police got here about 7,” said neighbor Sheldon Arnold.

Arnold says he had a surveillance camera installed on the side of his house on Solomon Street because of problems with Brown in the past.

Arnold says he had no idea that Dorothy Koreny, Brown’s aunt, was on the ground outside the home where the two women have lived together for years.

“At first I just thought it was one of her rants going crazy there. I kept seeing her throw stuff. I thought she was just smashing things, you know? Then after the cops came and I seen her, I knew what was happening. Then I looked back on the surveillance and that’s when I seen it all.”

Hours after the early morning assault, Brown was still barefoot at her arraignment on charges of aggravated assault.

Court records do not say what led up to the alleged assault but Brown claims she was defending herself against her 78-year-old aunt.

Ray Patsko is related to both women and lives across the street from them.  He says he feared that the frequent fights would escalate.

“I could see it coming down the pipe. I could see it happening because of the feuding that was going on.”

The injured woman is listed in serious condition at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center.

“They would just fight over anything because, unfortunately, my granddaughter just had some problems that should have been addressed. Unfortunately they weren’t,” said Patsko.


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