UPDATE: Scranton Bank Hit By Robber

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SCRANTON -- Police released a security camera picture of a suspected bank robber.

The hold-up happened before 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Wells Fargo bank on Meadow Avenue in Scranton.

Police are checking surveillance pictures to try to determine the identity of the suspect.

Investigators said he pulled out a handgun and demanded money from a clerk. The robber got some cash and took off.

Once police cleared the scene, customers were surprised and frustrated showing up to find the bank closed.

“They got robbed this morning.  Are you kidding me?”

“So, I can't get money?”

“They got robbed? It's closed?”

"I was coming because I had an unauthorized charge on my bank account and I was hoping to fix it and obviously I can't now, so I have to go into downtown Scranton on a limited lunch break,” said Heather Jungk of Scranton.

"Again?” asked Dave Ceccacci. "Coming down to cash a check and I noticed not that many cars and the red lights on the drive-thru.  I knew something was up."

The hold-up makes four bank robberies in just over a year on Meadow Avenue.  This Wells Fargo has now been robbed twice. The first came in January of 2012.

A Pennstar bank down the street was also hit twice.

"It's just easy access to the interstates I would think is the main reason and economic times."

Arrests were made not long after both Pennstar Bank robberies, one in August, one in December.

Police say they caught the robber after the last Wells Fargo robbery last January.

Now they hope you get a good look at the photo of the man they say is latest robber.  They want someone to recognize him so they can catch him too.

"I'm new to the area so I didn't really think things like that were happening that often in this area, very shocking, very shocking.

Police searched the area and have not found him.  They say he left in an older model black Ford Taurus.

No one inside the bank was hurt.

If you recognize the person in the security picture, call 911.

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