Suspected Bank Robber Caught

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SCRANTON --  A man who police said robbed a bank in Scranton Wednesday morning wasn't on the run that long.

Officers caught him just minutes after the bank was held up.

Investigators believe he's also to blame for another robbery in the city.

Pennstar Bank on Meadow Avenue in Scranton had only been open for two hours when a man with glasses and a baseball cap walked in.

Police said that man handed a note to the teller claiming he had a gun.

The teller handed over a bag full of money.

And just before he ran off with the loot, police said that teller got a good look at the robber.

"That`s what put this whole thing together. Within a matter of minutes, we had a very accurate description," said Scranton Police Detective Bob Martin. "We had the guy in less than ten minutes of the robbery."

Police said they collared Robert Demcher of Scranton less than a half mile from the bank.

According to the police report, Demcher told the arresting officers quote, "You got me, I did it, I robbed the bank."

Police don`t believe Demcher ever had a gun, but they noticed something else.

"Right away, they noticed a very large bulge of money in his front pocket, and he was placed under arrest immediately," said Detective Martin.

Detectives said they noticed Demcher looked like and dressed like a man who robbed a Turkey Hill outlet on Mulberry Street in Scranton just hours earlier.

Police said Demcher, confessed to that hold up and to the bank robbery.

When detectives asked Demcher why he committed the two holdups, the Police Report said he had a simple explanation. Demcher said he had, "...extreme financial hardships," and could not get a full-time job.