***Evening Update by Kurt Aaron***

The forecast is right on track for the upcoming rain showers.  No changes needed, just some umbrellas tomorrow.  Stay dry.

Tonight – Increasing clouds with light rain and sprinkles.  Low of 38.

Tuesday – Cloudy with rain, heavy at times.  High of 48.

Wednesday – Cloudy and warm with rain showers.  High of 56.

Thursday – AM showers followed by partly sunny PM.  High of 45.

Friday – Partly sunny and cool.  High of 42.

Saturday – Mostly sunny and dry.  High of 44.

Sunday – Mostly sunny and warmer.  High of 55.

Kurt Aaron


Previous Discussion:

This month was the warmest November on record but not any more.  The recent cold snap lasting thru today lowered the monthly average temperatures down to a final reading of 48.5 degrees and good for second place.   The warmest on record is 49.0.    Third place is 3 tenths of a degree away.  Indeed having the second warmest November on record is still worth writing home about.

A storm now approaching from the southwest will come with enough warm air to allow for all rain here starting  tomorrow morning before daybreak.   Rain can also be expected tomorrow afternoon with lighter rain and drizzle into tomorrow night.  A second storm coming up along the coast could bring more rain here on Wednesday with even warmer temps..

Much colder and windy weather will follow for Thursday with snow showers.







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