How very odd, to believe the universe gave you life, and yet not think that life asks more of you than watching TV.

-John Green

Hello New DAY!  Today will be sunny and breezy with a nice cool vibe and temps near 70 degrees.  A passing shower may emerge as a weak cold front swings through, but nothing more.  Clear skies tonight will leave you with frost across our northern tier counties and a close call in the valley cities.  If you’re nuts about that sort of stuff like my Mother-In-Law, bring your plants in and add some drama.  Otherwise, sleep late and enjoy a sunny day on Saturday with temps near 70 degrees.  Sunday looks great too with temps in the mid-70s and comfortable humidity.  By Monday (Memorial Day) and beyond,  it’ll become muggy and warmer with temps near 80 or better along with partly sunny skies and scattered t-storms.  Most importantly—-No TV watching! The days are long, life is short—Get out and LIVE!





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