Family Dog Shot and Killed Near Benton

SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A couple from the Benton area is looking for answers after their dog was shot in the woods by their house. They believe their German shepherd was killed by a hunter.

"Whoever did this took part of my life away from me," Jan Watts said.

Jan and Kathy Watts held back tears as they described their two-year-old German shepherd named Kaiser.

"He was not an animal or even a dog to me. He was my best friend, my buddy, my pal," Jan said.

"He was our baby boy. He was my husband's companion," Kathy Watts said.

On December 12, Kaiser opened the screen door himself and took off running. Jan thinks he was chasing something.

"He got on a trail of something, and right here in our backyard, he took off through the woods," Jan said.

Jan and Kathy spent hours each day driving around looking for Kaiser.

"Put dirty laundry out, put a crockpot out, put bacon in there, something he would smell cooking and come home," Kathy said.

Over the weekend, a hunter found Kaiser in the woods off Spring Road, about a half-mile from home.

Kaiser was shot and killed, wearing his collar with tags.

"At that moment, I had no brain left. I couldn't even think about who was calling me or what was going on. I was in shock," Jan said.

The family believes Kaiser was killed by a hunter. The incident is being investigated by state police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

"A hunter should really know what he's shooting at before he shoots. So the excuse that he thought it was this or that, I don't buy it," Jan said.

Jan and Kathy are telling their story in the hope that someone comes forward.

"He was a really good, smart boy, and we are devastated," Kathy said.

If you have any information, you are asked to call state police at Bloomsburg.


  • hannahlu52

    Anyone who can hurt an innocent animal shouldn’t be trusted around children or elderly; they’re void of conscience, obviously quite sick in the head and the soul.

  • justiceforjustin2020

    Brad Vincent killed my parents dog in Benton a few years ago. I would look at him as a suspect.

  • Ed Saterstad

    Automatically assuming it was a hunter that mistook it for another animal is a unfounded assumption.

  • Cindy Myerly

    I am so sorry for this family. I cannot imagine! Hunters need to know what they are shooting at. Last time I checked a deer isn’t a white/light color like this!


    Person that pulled the trigger: If you’re reading this, do the right thing and turn yourself in. What you did was wrong, no matter how much you try to justify it. Man up, take your punishment, learn from it, move on.

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