Great Travel Conditions for Holiday Travel

RICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Clear skies and mild temperatures are just some of the things holiday travelers say they were thankful for as they took a break from Interstate 81 at the rest stop near Nuangola.

"Great. I've been up here. I come up here every Christmas because my son lives in New York and we've been stuck in snowdrifts blizzards, but this has been great, it's been super. It's been above freezing every day, which is a rarity for us, sometimes it's zero up here, so we're really happy," said Tony Eller, South Carolina.

Tony Eller's final destination is his home in South Carolina, where he'll follow through with a yearly routine he says he's also thankful for.

"I have a snowbrush I put in my car every December, and when I get home tomorrow, it will go back into storage for another year, said Eller.

Drivers tell Newswatch 16 they were concerned about the combination of holiday and business traffic hitting the interstate at the same time, but in our area, they were pleasantly surprised.

"Well, I don't think there's an awful lot of traffic. No, they keep saying it's supposed to be the busiest travel day after Christmas and so far so good," said Linda Barton, New York.

The Bartons are from New York but spend their winters in Florida. They say it's the interstates they'll drive on further south are the ones they're more concerned about.

"I can't say the word on television, but they're jerks on the road down around Washington. Bad stuff. It must be the influence of Congress," said David Barton, New York.

Linda and David Barton have been traveling interstates together for 57 years, and Linda has faith the rest of this year's ride will be easy.

"I'm not worried, not worried," said Linda.

"Well, you're not driving," joked David.

Drivers we spoke to hope everyone traveling this holiday season has a similar experience out on the road.

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