Update: Holiday Vandals Come Forward

UPDATE: Stroud Area Regional Police tell us those involved in the vandalism have come forward and returned the heads of snowmen.

The investigation is ongoing in Monroe County.

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Four of the decorative Snowmen of Stroudsburg and a holiday display were vandalized over the weekend in Monroe County.

Police are hoping someone will recognize the men in a surveillance video.

The vandalism spree happened early Sunday morning. A trolley station was knocked over and in pieces. It was put back together earlier Monday morning before the holiday display officially opens.

Surveillance video also caught a group of men knocking off the head of a snowman on Main Street.

"They knocked off heads. They split some in half. They broke arms. They did everything feasible. It's a sin. They actually destroyed something that the community wanted," said Jim Evanisko, President of Go Collaborative, the organization that displayed the snowmen throughout the area.

Three other Snowmen of Stroudsburg were vandalized. There were 30 of the statues downtown. Each snowman costs about $2,000 and hours of labor.

"The artists were here in tears. We didn't want to leave them out on the street because it just doesn't look right," Evanisko said.

"I just don't understand that kind of thinking, where you take enjoyment out of destroying something like that," said Tricia Fellman.

The snowmen weren't the only pieces of holiday cheer damaged over the weekend. Stroudsburg Fire department's holiday display was also hit.

"Apparently, someone came in and pushed over our trolley station. It smashed the cupola and took some of the shingles and stuff off," said David Schlorhotlz, co-chair of the Christmas display.

The annual holiday display on Ann Street is put together by the Stroudsburg Fire Department. It features handcrafted pieces that are decades old. It officially opens for the holiday season on Monday night.

"We like doing it. It's great for the community, good PR for us, and it brings a lot of memories for people," Schlorhotlz said.

If you recognize any of the men in the surveillance video, you're asked to contact Stroud Area Regional Police.

Members of the Snowmen of Stroudsburg organization are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest.

The holiday display is all put back together again and will officially open at 6 p.m. Monday.

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