Students in Need Receive Early Gift From Danville Community This Holiday Season

DANVILLE, Pa. - With a drill in hand, volunteers at Danville Primary School got to work building dozens of desks for elementary school students in need on Wednesday night.

"I think that it's amazing that all these people showed up. I mean, it just shows what this school gives to us, so it's important to give back," Parent Ashley Mingle said.

The desks were made for kindergarten through second graders to take home, so they have a peaceful place to do their homework.

Danville High School teacher David Fortunato said the desks should make a big difference.

"Research shows that if a student has a specific place at home to work, then they have better grades and performs better," Fortunato said.

The school was able to raise about $6,300 from the Danville community to build these desks. Each recipient will be getting a desk, chair, and a bag full of school supplies.

Each desk, chair, and supplies cost $100. With the money raised, the school was able to help 63 students.

First-grade teacher June Heeter called the recipients' parents with the news just weeks before Christmas. She received some emotional responses.

"She actually started to cry on the phone, and she told me that she's been working two jobs and she just has been trying to do everything for her daughter to support her learning, but she just didn't have the funds to get a desk, so she was so grateful for this," Heeter said.

Realtors, construction workers, and even firefighters volunteered their time to make sure the desks would be ready before Christmas.

"We definitely wanted to help our community and keep our children's education in mind," Joseph Stigerwalt of the Washington Fire Hose Company said.

"I'm proud. I'm proud of the school. I'm proud of the teachers, and I'm proud of the community that stepped up. Danville is a great town, and we're always stepping up to meet the need," Parent Stephanie DiDomenico said.

All 63 students should have their new desks, chairs, and supplies by next week.

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