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State Trooper Shot; Standoff Underway

UPDATE: One trooper was shot. All three troopers managed to get out of the home and call for backup. The injured trooper was flown to a hospital. State police say he appears to be alright. That alleged gunman has been barricaded inside the home for more than 10 hours.

NELSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Pennsylvania State Trooper was wounded by gunfire at a home in Tioga County Tuesday afternoon.

The trooper was conducting a welfare check on Barney Hill Road in Nelson Township, near Elkland, around 12:30 p.m. when the person in the home opened fire at the members of the patrol, according to state police.

One trooper was hit and was flown to a hospital. Troopers said he was conscious and alert before going into surgery.

Another trooper at the scene is being treated for a possible broken leg, sustained while seeking cover from the gunfire.

The gunman remains barricaded inside the home.

Developing story, check back for updates.


  • yabbadabbadude

    Johnny Koch-head is noticeably absent on this thread. Whattsamatta, Johnny-boy? No Eric Frein happy dance? I think you’re scared. LMAO

  • stephj26

    Sending my prayers to the state troops who were shoot wishing them a speedy recovery and hope there home fore Christmas!

  • Mike

    I hope they turn this degenerate into Swiss cheese and have to pick his pieces up with a shovel for shooting this Trooper for merely going to check on his welfare. This piece of trash disgust me. I really wish they would bring back public hangings so we can watch scum like this die.

    • annrkey9

      i cant dislike your comment enough

      people like you are why this country is still so dark ages and barbaric

      and embarassing. it’s embarassing. you are embarassing. your lack of brain activity is embarassing. I’d say a village lost it’s idiot but most villages in this country are full of idiots like you.

      • yabbadabbadude

        “But most villages in this country are full of idiots like you.” Kinda makes you wanna keep your mouth shut when you’re not online, doesn’t it.

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