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Busy Traffic Light near Wilkes-Barre Down until New Year

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Holiday shoppers are being warned to use caution while driving through a busy intersection near Wilkes-Barre.

A traffic light is down and will remain that way for weeks, according to police.

The traffic light between Kohls and Sheetz is down because the electrical box was damaged by a tractor-trailer.

Wilkes-Barre Township Boulevard has a flashing amber signal while the stores have flashing red lights. Police say it will be weeks until any of these lights are showing green.

"It's a little hectic getting in here because the cars don't know which way to go. They got the blinking lights all over, and there was almost two accidents in the ten minutes that I've been here," said Paul Boylan from Old Forge.

"I've been at Sheetz for about five minutes and about 12, 13 beeps I heard, and I've seen about two, three cars almost get smoked," said Eric Kerr.

Police in Wilkes-Barre Township say the light will be this way for weeks. A tractor-trailer took out the signal's control box, and the part needed to fix it won't be delivered until after the new year.

Drivers tell Newswatch 16 the status of this traffic light is a big concern considering the holiday shopping in the area.

"I just hope the part comes in, and no one gets hurt, especially with the holiday coming around. Like that's a pretty busy intersection, and if someone gets hurt around the holidays, it could be pretty serious, so it's not something you really want to see," Kerr said.

Drivers are hoping something can be done to make sure everyone goes through the intersection safely.

"Maybe portable lights or something like that, or a cop-out here for now," Boylan said.

A flashing amber light means you can continue through the intersection with caution. Flashing red lights should be treated like stop signs.


  • Brian Coates

    You say “flashing amber means you can continue through the intersection with caution. Flashing red lights should be treated like Stop signs.”. Most people in NEPA can’t even figure out how to stop at a normal Red Light or Stop sign. They’re always inching up into the intersection at Red Lights and treating Stop sign like the flashing amber lights you just mentioned. Good Luck at this intersection. I’ll be avoiding it until they get it fixed. And I hope either the truck driver or trucking company is paying the cost of fixing it.

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