Bloomsburg University Announces Plans to Overhaul Greek Community

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- All fraternities and sororities at Bloomsburg University are on probation while school officials reform Greek life.

Officials blame hazing, excessive drinking, and sexual assault.

Bloomsburg University made the announcement on Monday, and the overhaul will start right away.

"Fraternity and sorority life can be a healthy part of a campus community, and we want to make it as healthy and as safe as we can for our students," said Bloomsburg director of communications Tom McGuire.

Under these new changes, Bloomsburg will not tolerate hazing of any kind, including anything involving physical abuse or alcohol.

Each fraternity and sorority will also have a scorecard telling parents and new members about any violations or issues.

Just last year, there were allegations of hazing at an unnamed Greek organization on campus. Now, all 25 fraternities and sororities are under an 18-month probation period

"They will have to take corrective actions to those issues that put them on probation to be able to get back in good standing with the university," McGuire explained.

Students we spoke to say they're hoping these changes will change Greek life for the better.

"I think it's for the best," said sophomore Carly Koshciolek. "All the schools need to do something about Greek life because there's so many things going on, and people just turn their heads to it."

Others believe it could have an even bigger impact.

"I think once you do something to make a change someplace, I think it will have an impact on other schools around the country and definitely help out. It's got to start somewhere, so better here than anywhere," said senior Tommy Bielski.

The new rules at Bloomsburg University are effective immediately.

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