Snow Makes for Slick Roads in Lackawanna County

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. -- If you looked out your window when you got up Monday morning, you may have breathed a sigh of relief. The roads were just wet during the morning commute in the Carbondale area as the snow slowly fell throughout Lackawanna County.

Brian Seely took a vacation day, just in case. He got out the snowblower early in Roaring Brook Township, hoping he wouldn't have to head out again later.

"Trying to keep ahead of the anticipated snowfall, do this, and take care of my neighbor's house at the same time. Just trying to get out and get ahead of it in case it does get bad," Seely said.

The storm did pick up steam by mid-day, and it was not smooth sailing.

We saw some cars sliding off the road along Route 347 in Scott Township.

As many as six cars crashed in separate incidents along Business Route 6 in Archbald.

"Earlier this morning, it seemed like the roads were cleared up from the overnight plowing and salting. As the snow just a little while ago, we got crushed. We got called with multiple car crashes throughout the town. We did have some injuries on some of them, and some we did not, multiple slide-offs on the roadway,"  Archbald Police Chief Tim Trently said.

Your best bet was staying put. Some kids on Laurel Street in Archbald learned that all the snow was good for something.

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