Family of Alleged Abductor Speaks after Deadly Confrontation with Police

NANTICOKE, Pa. -- Police used deadly force Sunday night to stop a man they say was holding a teenager hostage in Luzerne County. Now, the family of that man is speaking out.

The family of Jordan Oliver, 20, the alleged abductor, tells us he was in a relationship with Samara Derwin, 15, of Nanticoke, who police say was held against her will.

Investigators aren't releasing much information about this case, but Oliver's family is still waiting to find out why deadly force was necessary.

Oliver was shot and killed by police in Warrior Run after state troopers say he stole a police cruiser and allegedly held Derwin hostage for hours.

According to state police, Nanticoke police were called to Greater Nanticoke Area High School Sunday afternoon to find Oliver allegedly holding Derwin at knifepoint. When police arrived, Oliver is said to have scuffled with an officer, sprayed Mace on him, and then stole a Nanticoke Police SUV.

Sean Oliver, Jordan's father, said he spoke to his son multiple times while he was on the run.

"He said, 'I'm sorry' and we were like, 'Jordan, what do you mean?' He said, 'I'm sorry, they pulled up they tried to arrest me. Me and Samara were talking,' he said, 'and they pulled up, tried to arrest me, and I got in the car, and they shot me as I was driving away,'" Sean Oliver said.

Oliver says his son was shot in the leg, and Derwin helped him bandage it with a first aid kit found in the police car.

The father and son sent text messages back and forth during the evening as he tried to get him to surrender peacefully.

"I want everybody to know that my son is not some kind of animal, really is a good, good-hearted kid. He just couldn't get away from this police department that I feel constantly harassed us, at least him."

Harassment, Oliver says, stemmed from his son's romantic relationship with Derwin, the daughter of a Nanticoke police officer.

Court records show a history of protection from abuse orders against Oliver, including one filed by Derwin's mother on her behalf citing, physical abuse.

"I think anybody that knows Jordan knows that that kid had a heart of gold. They know that he would have never in a million years hurt that girl. They also know that she was not a hostage, that she was there willingly with him. She wanted to be with him in the worst way," Sean Oliver said.

Police also tell Newswatch 16 that Oliver drove the stolen police car in the direction of an officer. State police and the district attorney's office are trying to figure out what happened and why lethal force was necessary.

Sean Oliver exchanged text messages with his son throughout the evening as he tried to get him to surrender.

"My last conversation with him was just, please do the right thing, we'll get through this. We'll get through this, we'll get to the bottom of this, we'll help you any way that we can because we knew how things were with him and Samara."

Now, Sean Oliver and his family are left with questions after the situation ended with the girl unharmed and Jordan Oliver killed by police.

"What type of weapon did he have that gave you the right to use deadly force against my son? I wanted to know because I do know that there are other ways of non-lethal force that they certainly could have used."


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    Yo, Johnny-boy…your ludicrous threat of a comment got taken down after I replied to it. Just doxx me here and I’ll take a look at the info when I feel like it. Good luck, Svengali. LMAO

  • wellmaybeido2

    I’m not saying what this kid did was right but, can’t we have some compassion/respect for the family? That doesn’t mean you agree with what they are saying, but they did lose a son, through violent means. Let’s all calm down.

  • Stehr Va

    REality check dad-HE KIDNAPPED THE GIRL, he refused to surrender, most criminals do think they are harassed by police BECAUSE they are criminals and want their own way and do not stop or listen. He was with an underage girl, he had been in trouble with the law repeatedly and sounds like you all were as well.. The trouble with today’s youth is parents like you who do not hold them accountable for anything they do, make excuses and in general are lousy parents.

  • Jonathan Dimmick

    Excuse me but your 20 year old son should not be in relationship with a 15 year old girl that you dumb sickos makes him a pedophile as far as I’m concerned he got what he deserved.

  • peach671

    The aforementioned family is delusional, dysfunctional and living a lie. You broke multiple laws, put lives in danger, had total disregard for life and property, therefore, you deserve your premature warranted demise.

    • Jonathan Dimmick

      So this guy holds someone at knifepoint, assults a cop, steals a cop car, and endangers people and people are mad at the cop for trying to keep an obvious pedophile away from his teenage daughter?

  • peach671

    You shall be held accountable for your illicit activities v. the Commonwealth. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

  • peach671

    One less hypocritical and intolerant welfare rat liberal. Kudos to our fine law enforcement officers and kudos to our law and order POTUS, President Donald John Trump. MAGA, KAGA and FTDemoncRATS.

  • peach671

    You play, you pay. Stop breaking the law or suffer the consequences of your stupidity. You deserve your premature demise. Thank You, Men in Blue, for saving Pennsylvania taxpayers tax dollars.

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        Typical hypocritical and intolerant liberal tyrant behavior. Got what it deserved. Jesus is on my side, not yours, bukkake recipient.

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