Family Continues Search for Missing Man

WAYNE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Family and friends of a man who has been missing for nearly a month were searching along the Susquehanna River in Clinton County on Monday.

They refuse to give up hope that he'll be found.

Family and friends of Alex Mardis, 31, from Avis, are taking matters into their own hands, searching for their loved one along the Susquehanna River near Mcelhattan.

Family members say Mardis went fishing on October 30, and no one has seen or heard from him since.

Back in late October, state police and dive teams spent days searching the water after a report of a man struggling in the river. They found nothing.

Mardis' family only made the connection that it could be Alex after several days without being able to contact him.

"We've been looking for Alex. He has been missing for a month. We have been here hours, Friday, today, a lot of people here helping us. We can't find him still," said Alex's aunt Tammy Mackey.

"He's been completely missing for at least a month, and nobody's heard from him. He's not answering Facebook or phone messages," said Alex's aunt Robin Crawford. "Checking every gully, every pile of leaves just to try and find something or find some sign of some kind that he was there."

The family says they found his boots downriver last week.

"We just want to bring him home. We need closure. We just want him back," Mackey said. "People I don't even know are here, people across the river, people with dogs, have volunteered, 30, 40, I don't know, there's been people coming and going."

If you happen to see or know anything regarding the disappearance of Alex Mardis, you are asked to call the state police in Lamar.

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