Wild Police Chase Stretches Through Five Communities in Luzerne County

SWOYERSVILLE, Pa. --  A man led police on a wild chase through five communities in the Wyoming Valley early Wednesday.

Police say they were finally able to stop the driver, Dario Collado of Wilkes-Barre, after he collided with a Kingston patrol car.

Jennifer Zupa watched it all from her window.

“The officers around here are great. We have a really tight-knit family I guess you want to say in Forty-Fort so for something to happen like that to one of ours it's really disturbing,” Zupa said.

The chase started along Grove Street in Pringle. Police say Collado was driving with a suspended license and the wrong license plate on his vehicle.

After he was pulled over, he sped off driving from Pringle into Forty Fort, Kingston, Wilkes-Barre, and Swoyersville, taking the Cross-Valley Expressway three times to get away. It ended in Swoyersville near the Forty Fort line along Slocum Street.

“We looked out the other bedroom window and we could see flashing lights and about five cruisers down that way and there were policemen walking around the neighborhood,” Fred Wesley of Swoyersville said.

Police say Collado and a passenger in the car tried to then run off on foot. Collado was arrested but the passenger did get away.

“They were here for about two hours looking,” Wesley said.


  • John Koch

    Don’t these departments have protocols in place to cut off a chase after a certain point? They’re endangering lives. Look at what happened in Carbon County for example. Or what just happened in Florida. Just because they are police doesn’t give them a free pass to maim and kill innocent people!

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Hey people police cars are being equipped with automatic plate readers that alert to no registration ( or stolen plates) and instant reason to pull you over . So these dopes who think they can skirt the system just make sure your drugs and guns are in your car so we can send you on a free vacation and your crap car isn’t going to outrun the police no matter how high you are .

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