Lucky Lottery Family From Milton

MILTON, Pa. -- Luck is something Thomas Powell Sr. and Thomas Powell Jr. of Milton know something about. In fact, it seems to run in their family.

"We're very lucky and very blessed," Thomas Powell Sr. said.

The father and son were at Turkey Hill on Mahoning Street in Milton as Junior was presented with a $20,000 check from the lottery.

"I had $4 left, I bought two of the Christmas tickets. I scratched the bottom of it to scan it because normally it's a $2 winner or a free ticket, and it said congratulations $20,000," Thomas Powell Jr. said.

"I said, 'Tommy, are you sure?' Because I just couldn't believe that he would get a $20,000 top prize on a $2 ticket when eight years ago almost to the day I hit $5 million in the same store on a Christmas ticket," Powell Sr. said.

That's right, almost eight years ago to the day, Tom Powell Sr. was a big winner in the same store.

"It was a $10 scratch-off, $250,000 a year for life," Powell Sr. said.

Lucky family, lucky store.

"What's the odds? It's unbelievable," Powell Jr. said.

The duo's luck hasn't even run out. Tom Sr. is cashing in another winning ticket.

"I stopped yesterday, and I won $100 on a $20 Christmas ticket," Powell Sr. said.

It gets better. Tom Powell Sr. won an additional $90 from those Christmas scratch off tickets. The father-son duo says they plan to share the wealth and use some of the money to be Secret Santas.

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